Saturday, November 19, 2022

Christmas Pickle Ornament German Tradition Gift Idea

The Christmas pickle is said to have been a long tradition in Germany. However, many Germans have never heard of this tradition. There are many folklores on how this tradition started. It might just be a gimmick sold to Americans looking for another crazy tradition. But hey, we Americans like our crazy traditions, so why not! And this is an easy one with little to no effort. We started this tradition with our girls several years ago. Even now as adults they still want to find the pickle on Christmas morning. This year I thought it'd be fun to share our tradition with ours neighbors. They would also make great co-worker or teacher gifts. You can buy sets already made for around $10ish (Amazon Link). I was able to find a set of nice glass blown ornaments between $1-$2 a piece on Amazon click here). They come in sets of 10 or 20. Only downside you need to make your own card and giftwrap. We usually spend around that much for our neighbor gifts. We have a bunch of neighbors we include in our gift giving. It's just something to say hey you're important to us, and we care about you. We try not to spend too much, because that's not what Christmas is about. We do however, always try to put a little extra effort in the meaning behind the gift. The message is what Christmas is about. So, we thought we'd share our idea for a great gift this year.

I designed a little note card to go inside a clear gift bag (Amazon Link), added a bit of shredded gift paper (Amazon Link), and a pickle colored bow (Amazon Link) on top.  There are many ways to play this traditional pickle ornament game. On the backside of the card we included what the pickle meant to us and a few different ways to play the game. For our family, we play that the first person to find the pickle gets to open the first present. Another way to play, is that the first person to find the pickle gets a special gift under the tree meant for the pickle winner.  Which would also be the first gift opened.  It would be fun to maybe wrap the presents in pickle wrapping paper, or have the gift be pickle oriented. There are so many pickle gag gifts out there. Last year, for a white elephant gift, my brother and sister in law gave pickle popsicles.  They were a huge hit. My girls would just love a giant jar of pickles, they are a favorite snack in our home. I always try to include the year on the card for our family and friends that like to keep them. 

We decided to leave the ornament wrapped in the bubble wrap it was shipped in to help protect it.  Many times the gift is left on the doorstep, and we wanted to protect it as best as possible. It is a bit uglier though to look at.

Have fun with it and make it your own!

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Friday, November 18, 2022

Gumball Pie Game

A few years back we were bored and made up a hilarious game. We bought a huge bag of Swedish Fish and had yet to use it.  My kids absolutely love Cool Whip.  So, we came up with a game using both.  We called it Swamp Fishing.  The Cool Whip represents the cloudy swamp water and the Swedish Fish is what your fishing for.  You are the big fish or sea creature searching for smaller fish.  This game is a bit of a twist on the original version.  We wanted something for a Thanksgiving Game this year. Everyone likes gumballs and messes.  So,  we came up with Gumball Pie.

Here's how to play:
Kind of like a pie eating contest. 

Grab a pie pan or deep dish bowl for each player.

Place three bubble gum balls (amazon link) on each plate.

Add at least two large scoops of Cool Whip to each plate.

Stir the Cool Whip around so you can't see any of the bubble gum pieces.

Each player must keep their hands behind their back and using only their mouth fish out all three gumballs.  The first player to get all three and successfully blow a bubble that is chewed up enough to make a popping sound as it pops wins. If the gum isn't chewed up enough, it will be sugary making is harder to blow a bubble at all,  and it won't make that iconic popping sound.

Be sure to video tape it.

Be sure to take any precautions, and play at your own risk!
Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Three Wise Women Gift

I have always just thought this was the funniest Christmas poem and wanted to make some gifts for my girlfriends for Christmas.  I first saw it on a plate my sister in law had on display in her home.  Then, I started seeing it everywhere.  I do not know the author to give credit to. I tried to find the original with no luck. If you know the original poem came from, please share so we can give them credit. I thought this is the perfect gift for the ladies I work with, my sisters, and female friends. Just a fun girl gift. I included a plate stand (amazon link) so they can display it for the holidays. There are many options on Amazon if you love the gift, but don't want to make it.

I used a turquoise blue plate with brown trim (amazon link). I cut out the saying on my silhouette cameo (amazon link), using brown permanent oracle 651 vinyl (amazon link). 

I scraped the transfer tape (amazon link) on really good with my vinyl scraper (amazon link) and transferred it to the plate. Just that quick. Really easy gift to make if you have a vinyl cutter. The best part of making your own gifts is you can change the wording or personalize the gift. Put a message on the back of the plate for an added touch! Hope your friends like it! I know mine did.

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