Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Rice Crispy Christmas Houses

We love to make some type of gingerbread type houses every year.  This year we decided to make rice crispy houses.  They are very easy and a little more manageable  for children and time restraints.

One of my daughters has a December birthday.  One year we made these same houses and another year we made rice crispy princess castles.

You'll Need:
8 cups Rice Crispies
10 oz. Marshmallows
 3 TB Butter
Graham Crackers
Royal Frosting (Powder Sugar, water, and meringue powder)
White Plates (looks like snow)
Decorator's bag and tips (cut tip off a zip lock bag to substitute)

To make the Royal Frosting mix together 4 cups powder sugar, 1TB water, 1 tsp meringue powder.
Or, just buy some off the shelf or fro the bakery.

To make your rice crispy house mix together over medium heat a small 10 oz. bag of marshmallows, 3TB. butter and 8 cups of rice crispy cereal.  Stir until marshmallows are completely dissolved. Then, a minute longer.  You want the rice crispies to be hard.  In a large 9X13 pan spread out and smooth the rice crispy mix.  Careful it's hot!!  If the sides of the pan aren't straight up flatten the sides.   Once cooled and hardened, cut into 6 pieces.  

They should be about 3X4"

With a spatula remove the rice crispy pieces from the pan.

At the halfway point cut out corners to make a house shape.

If needed, cut any excess pieces off that aren't flat. 
You want all sides at a 90 degree angle.

We used a #2 tip to decorate.
I find it easier to fill the bag using a cup.

I used a #12 tip to assemble the houses.

Pipe some frosting on the bottom of the house to adhere it to the plate.

Center the house in the middle of the plate.

Cut in half your graham crackers.

Pipe glue on the triangle top of the house.

Adhere half a graham cracker to each side.

Pipe frosting along the top to finish it off.

It's best to let it dry a few hours to harden.

To decorate gather all your candy and use the frosting to adhere them to the house. 
Almost any hard candy will work.  We love Smarties, Skittles, M&Ms, Sixlets, Gumdrops, licorice, candy canes, peppermint patties, sprinkles, and marshmallows.
You can use different tips on your frosting to pipe on designs.  Have fun and let your kids use their creativity.  Don't micromanage them.

Throwback Pictures

Burning of the Gingerbread Houses
After Christmas we lit the houses on fire.
Not the best idea. 
If you try this, take all safety precautions and Adult Supervision is a must.  We did it in the snow and away from any structures.  We had a bucket of water ready just in case.

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