Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Left Center Right Neighbor Christmas Gift

In our neighborhood everyone pretty much gives either a treat or a small inexpensive gift with a meaning behind it.  I kept getting drawn to this Left Center Right Game.  I played it once at my brother's house, and it was a blast.  We ditched the tokens for money though.  It would be really fun with candy or prizes.  Then, it hit me.  With all the crazy politics and life right now, we really need to come together as a nation this time of year.  What better way than through the magic of Christmas and CHRIST.  After multiple attempts I finally came up with a saying I could live with.

Whether you lean more towards the LEFT
or more towards the RIGHT,
We can all come TOGETHER
with CHRIST in the CENTER.

Left Center Right is a really fun game.  Basically, you roll the three dice and pass your tokens whichever direction the three dice tell you.  You could easily tweak this game to fit any holiday or special occasion.  Even a fun party night with your friends.

You can buy a nice set (Amazon Link) that comes in a tin, but I went with this version (Amazon link) so I could be creative and insert a label.  If you like the idea, but want to spend a little more money on a nicer set there are deluxe (Amazon Link) and giant sets (Amazon Link) available as well. I found these magnetic tins (Amazon Link) that were perfect for the games.  I loved the window, the perfect spot for a personalized label.

I decided to go ahead and open the game, but either way works.
Make sure you include the game play directions.

I designed the card and personalized label on my silhouette cameo software.
I taped the tin shut to make sure they didn't spill out into the bag.

I bought  party favor bags (Amazon Link), but thought they needed a little something, so I added colored crinkle paper (Amazon Link) for cute filler.

Tied it off with a non holiday blue colored ribbon (Amazon Link).

Left Center Right Game Instructions

Each player starts with 3 tokens. Players take turns rolling the dice, continuing clockwise. To start: Roll all 3 dice. Each die tells you what to do with a token. Each LEFT = pass 1 token to the LEFT. Each STAR = pass 1 token to the CENTER. Each RIGHT = pass 1 token to the RIGHT. Each DOT = don't pass token. 3 DOTS is a perfect roll.  During the game, players with just one or two tokens left may only roll as many dice as they have tokens (2 tokens = roll 2 dice,  1 token = roll 1 die).  Players with no tokens left aren't out of the game.  They must pass on their turn and rejoin on the next turn they get tokens back.  The last player with tokens is the winner. 

For added fun substitute tokens for candy or money.

Hope this inspires your gift giving this crazy year.

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