Friday, November 20, 2020

ANNABELLE Our New Halloween Tradition/Game

Update: apparently there's a lady that started this, she has a Facebook group called Doll in the Hall.  Check it out! I always try to give credit. 

My Aunt texted me a super fun idea for Halloween this year.  Move a creepy doll around the house.  It just so happened that very same day, I had bought four dolls at the local thrift shop to paint, and one was perfect.

I was excited to see how my girls would react.

I placed the doll in my middle child's bed.  I was pulling out of the garage and she barges in laughing, asking if I was trying to give her a heart attack.  She said she was terrified of how a creepy doll ended up in her bed.

She then placed in it my youngest child's bed.  I was watching TV, and I hear her scream "What the Annabelle!?!"  It was so funny!  And that's how the doll got her name and reference to the scary movie Annabelle.

As you find the doll, you must then in turn hide her for someone else to find.

Have fun with her.  I was surprised how creeped out people were finding her.

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