Saturday, December 5, 2020

Kitty Litter Cake

This was the perfect cake for our "Crappy Party"  I have been wanting to make this cake for 5 years for Halloween.  I love to make something gross, creepy and scary to eat for Halloween Dinner.

You will need:
A new cleaned Kitty Litter Pan
A new cleaned Kitty Litter Scoop
One box yellow cake mix
One box Chocolate cake mix
2 boxes of 3.5 oz. yellow pudding
Yellow Oreo cookies or graham crackers

Bake the yellow cake in any sized pan.

Bake the chocolate cake in a sheet pan.

Cut the cooled chocolate cake to the size of the Kitty Litter pan.
Place it in to the Kitty Litter pan and fill in the rounded sides with some of the remaining pieces. 

Frost with one box of premade pudding,

Break up the yellow cake.  Break up the remaining chocolate cake and mix with the broken up yellow cake.  Mix in one box of premade pudding and a few drops of green food dye.

Break up on top of chocolate cake a pudding.

Crush the White Oreos or graham crackers and sprinkle on top of cake.

Sprinkle with Blue sprinkles.

 Slightly warm Tootsie Rolls in microwave.
Roll tootsie rolls with hands and shape into poop.

Arrange Tootsie Roll poop shapes on top of cake.

Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

Enjoy creeping people out, it tasted delicious!

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2020 Survival Shirt


I threw a "Crappy Party" for Halloween this year and needed something to wear that was easy to host and play games in.  I thought this would be funny idea given the toilet paper shortage this year.

I designed it on my Silhouette Cameo.  Cut it out with HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl). Weeded out the extra HTV

I used my heat press to adhere the vinyl to the shirt.

I cut out dashed for the toilet paper and wanted to add a toilet paper roll on the sleeve.

I measured out 4 1/4" for the toilet paper sheets.

I heat presses the dashes on.

After I got everything heat pressed on I cut the bottom into toilet paper strips.
I cut off a few pieces for fun.  I safety pinned to cut off pieces to my pants and shoes, to represent when you have toilet paper stuck to you.

I put toilet paper cardboard rolls in my hair to look like rollers.
It was pretty fun, I got tons of complements on my costume and won Best Costume!

Would be fun for a Redneck Party!

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Kitty Litter Cake

Thursday, December 3, 2020

My Crappy Party (poop themed)

I made this shirt and put toilet paper roll in my hair like rollers.

This year (2020) has just been really crappy!  Every year we throw a Halloween party for our extended family.  After the toilet paper shortage this year and the purchase of a few funny games, we came up with a fun theme "My Crappy Halloween Party."  It's all based around poop.  Yes, I know its a little controversial and out there, but you have to admit its funny.  We like to think outside the box and be different in our house.  So, try not to get offended and you might actually have fun, or at least a good laugh.  There are many angles you could take on this theme, crude humor or family friendly.  Since its a family party most of our ideas are within family standards, but you might need to tweak them a little for your personal family standards.  As always, they are at the very least idea starters.  We had so much fun brainstorming for this party.  

*Our party consisted mostly of adults and older teenagers.
There is a little bit of profanity on this post.
Be Sure to Check for Age Appropriateness of Games, Food, Decorations and Prizes.
**There are tons of additional ideas at the bottom of the post.

The Decorations:
Funny Bathroom Signs and toilet paper streamers.

Poop Emoji Items
I cut out Poop Shapes and a CRAPPY streamer on cardstock with my Silhouette Cameo.

Toilet Paper Streamers

I put games Toilet Trouble and Flushin' Frenzy on the tables for centerpieces with Poop Jokes and large poop emoji confetti I cut out on my Silhouette Cameo.

Gold Table Clothes (the brown poop looked great on this color)

Our Party Food:
Waffle Stomp Bar 
(waffle stomping is when someone poops in the shower and tries to stomp it down the drain)
Waffles or chocolate waffles, fruit, syrup, whipping cream, jam, corn (because it's always in poop), etc.
We added roadkill (bacon and chicken strips) to take away from too much sweetness.

Our Dessert that Resembled Poop:
Diarrhea Fountain (Chocolate Fountain)
-Fruit, rice crispy treats (dye it for animal droppings), cookies (cow pies), Pretzel rods (turds), gummy worms, etc.

Baby Poop (queso and chips)

Our Drinks That Resembled Poop and Pee:
Lemonade (pee)
Chocolate milk (diarrhea, liquid poop)

The Games We Played
this was all the craze a few years ago and a social media hit

Toilet Trouble (Amazon link)

Flushin' Frenzy  Amazon link. You catch a turd. This one its hilarious!

Fart! (Amazon link) 
Similar to Uno, but with funny fart sounds

Who can unravel a roll of toilet paper the fastest
This was the funniest game! 
You could substitute white streamers if there is a toilet paper shortage.

Pass Gas or Fart Toss (brown loofah for the fart)
Play like hot potato.

Plunger (Uni-) Corn
Place plunger on your head and have your partner toss the rings on it.
We used Twister Hoopla for the rings.
This was a big hit.

Plunger and Toilet Paper
(This one is more for the dirty minded adult crowd)
One player stands on one side of the room with a toilet paper roll between their legs.  The other player stands on the other side of the room with a plunger between their legs handle sticking out.  The player with the plunger must race across the room and get the toilet paper roll onto the plunger handle, without using their hands or dropping the roll to the ground.  They then must run back to the other side of the room without dropping the toilet paper roll. 

Don't Eat Pete or Tic Tac Toe
I cut these out with my Silhouette Cameo.
Chocolate chips or Hershey Kisses would be funny to use as POOP.

Pin the tail on the Jack@$$ (donkey) This was the cutest, look at the mask and furry tails!

Our Two "Potty Breaks"
YouTube Diarrhea Song -compete for the best new verse during transition or potty break.

Poop Jokes Potty Breaks Throughout the Night

Oh Crap! Crossword Puzzle
(You make weird stuff locked up in quarantine during a Pandemic)

Our Party Favors:
(mostly bought at the Dollar Tree)

Party at your own risk!

(we really brainstormed)

This party would also be fun for:
Plumber's work, retirement, graduation party.
Potty Training Success Party
Boy's Birthday
Divorce Party
40th Birthday Party
2020 Crappy New Year's Eve Party
Anything to lighten up a bad situation party, really the applications are endless.

Other Fun Game Ideas For Purchase (links on Amazon):
Poop Card Game I gave this for a white elephant present once, they loved it!
Flushin Frenzy Over Flow
Who Pooped?
Gas Out fart game
Pin the Turd in the Toilet
Don't Poop on My Lawn
Shoot the Poop basketball style
Daron Doody Head this looks so funny
Trading Floaters fishing game
Stack the Poop basically poop shaped Jenga
Floater Fishing bathtub game
Who Tooted board game
Pull My Finger farting monkey game
Farting Franny the farting cow game
Poopy Head the card game
Pie Face use chocolate whipping cream to get $#!+ faced!

Other Fun Game Ideas With Everyday Items:
$#!+ Faced use chocolate chips on our blog.
Swamp @$$ Fishing (use Chocolate Whipped Topping) on our blog.
(if you unwrap chunky chocolate candy bars they look like turds. Put them in zip lock bags to play the game and keep them clean) on our blog
Hershey Kiss Games on our blog.
Chocolate Pudding Fight (if you're brave it stains, guests might get mad)
Bob For Turds
Turd Fight
Sling Shot Poop
Poop Relay Race (log dog toy from Dollar Tree)
Pick the corn out of the turd (yellow beads in Brown Play-Doh and tweezers)
Match the Droppings/poo with what animal
Throw Sticky Turds at a Toilet Picture
How Good is Your Aim-Squirt Gun Yellow Water at the Toilet Target
Musical Toilets (Like Musical Chairs. Copy toilets as chairs and use recordings of fart sounds instead of music or the Diarrhea song)
Drop the turd in the bowl (Drop little chocolate candies into a toy toilet bowl)
Whoopee Cushion Race (who can blow it up the fastest and fart it out, who can make the fart last the longest, how many times can you blow it up and fart it out in a minute)
How many corn in a jar (use popcorn kernels or canned corn)
Cow Pie Toss (Frisbee)
Baby Food in a diaper
Get to know you Game (tell everyone to take as many squares of toilet paper as they use.  Then after everyone has their squares tell them they must tell the group one interesting fact, embarrassing moment, etc. for each square of toilet paper they took.
Toilet tag- you pretend to get flushed when you are tagged, then you're out. 

Other Game Prizes/Gifts Ideas:
Find the Poo Book
Sticky the Plunger
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Adult Diapers
Playable Poo
Silly Squeakers Mr. Poops
HOT sauce and HOT peppers for atomic turds
Ex-lax, Stool Softeners, Enema, etc. (Gag gift for ADULTS only)

Additional Drink Ideas:
Mountain Dew (pee)
Pepsi, Coke, Root-beer, Dr. Pepper, etc.(diarrhea, liquid poop)
Coffee, iced coffee, tea, iced tea, etc.(diarrhea, liquid poop)
Alcoholic Beverages for Adults ("tastes like crap")

Additional Food Ideas:
Split Pea Soup (Baby Poop)
Mexican Food (NO pun intended)
Re-fried Beans
Taco Bell (yum)
Guacamole (Baby Poop)
HOT sauce and HOT peppers for atomic turds

Additional Dessert Ideas:
Brownies with Chocolate Frosting
Chocolate Pudding Pie (Cow Pie)
Chocolate Covered Popcorn
Kitty Litter Cake
No Bake Cookies
Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Pudding Packs
Whoopie Pies
Moon Pie
Little Debbie Star Crunch
Chocolate Cotton Candy
Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream
Anything dipped in chocolate or covered in chocolate frosting.

Candy Ideas That Resemble Poop:
Chocolate Covered Peanuts/Clusters
Lemon Heads (looks like Corn or Pee)
Tootsie Rolls
Chocolate Licorice
Hershey Drops, Kisses, Chocolate Chips
Unwrapped chocolate candy bars like Snickers, Baby Ruth, 100 Grand, Tootsie Roll, etc.

Additional Decorating Ideas:
This Party Brought to you by the Letter P and the number 2
Crown King of the Thrown and have an actual toilet and a crown

Funny Extras:
Watch Funny Bathroom Scenes and Name That Movie Click here for a list
Funny Poop Stories/Advice online at poop barfblog
Poop Talk documentary
Funny YouTube where teacher shows kids how to properly wipe.
Link to my 2020 Survival toilet paper shirt.

Poop Sayings:
Welcome to the $#!+ SHOW
Holy $#!+
Get $#!+ Done
I don't give a $#!+ 
$#!+ happens
I love the $#!+ out of you
Scared the $#!+ out of me
Down in the Dumps
Poop Jokes aren't my favorite, but they're a solid number 2

Poop Related Names:
Little $#!+
$#!+ Head
Dip $#!+
Little Stinker
Real Stinker
Party Pooper
Poop Deck
You're the $#!+
Bat $#!+ Crazy
Crap Bag

Team John and Team Loo

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