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Halloween Party Games

Halloween is my favorite time of year. 
I just can't get enough of the decorations and the games.
We have a party every year!

Here are some great games we've learned or made up over the years for you next Halloween Party.

Mummy Wrap
Split group into teams.  Give each team a cheap four pack of toilet paper rolls.  The teams have 5-10 minutes to wrap up a team mate like a mummy.  No tape is allowed.  You can either see who gets done first, who's mummy is the neatest, or the most fashionable. 

Bride of Frankenstein
Similar to the Mummy Wrap, but have each team make a bridal dress out of the toilet paper.  Have judges vote on the best dress.

Stuck in the Web
Hang cottony spider web in door corner and try to throw plastic spiders in it.  The person who gets the most to stick wins.

Sticky Eyes and a Skeleton
Buy a life size skeleton cut out and some sticky eyeballs.  Similar to pin the tail on the donkey.  Throw the sticky eyeballs at the skeleton trying to get hem in the skeletons eye sockets.  Blindfold optional.  For added fun, we used a skeleton salad tong to throw the sticky eyeball.

Sticky Situation
Gently toss a eyeball ping pong ball towards your team mate who is holding a lint roller.  The team mate must try to catch as many eyeball ping pong balls with the lint roller as possible.  Use the same number as eyeballs for each team and a fresh piece of tape on the lint roller.

(like spoons card game similar to musical chairs)
My kids favorite card game is spoons, so click here for our Halloween version.

Piranha Fishing
Set up a wall taller then the kids and let the kids fish over it for piranha's.  We printed off piranhas and glued a prize or wrapped candy to them.  When the kids fishing line came over the wall, a hidden person attaches a prize hooked with a cutout piranha, and pull on the fishing line to let the kids know they caught something. 

Yarn Spider Web Scary Story
You'll need one skein of yarn rolled into a ball.  Have your class sit in a circle.  Start out a scary story.  Hold the end of the yarn and toss the ball across the circle to another player.   This player must add a little to the story.  Keep hold of the yarn. Then, throw the ball of yarn to another player who has not yet had a turn. This continues until everyone has had a turn and the story is complete.  You might want to make rules for the story to keep it age appropriate.  At the end of the story you should have made a spider web out of the yarn.

Wrangle a Witch
Ring Toss using witch hats or black party hats.

Pirate Hook
In teams of two.  One teammate puts on a pirate hook.  The other teammate tosses a ring from a set distance.  If they miss , they are out.  If they make it, then, each team mate takes a step back and tries again.  The team that gets the furthest wins.

Get in My Tummy
You will need a ghost shaped Halloween pail, candy and eyeball ping pong balls.  Each player bounces the eyeball ping pong ball towards the ghost shaped Halloween pail full of candy.  If it lands in the ghost pail the player gets to pick piece of candy.

Candy Corn Crop Circles
Try to stand up as many candy corns around a circle paper plate as possible in one minute. Bite ends off to get a flat slightly sticky surface.  You might want give it a little lick, for added stickiness. The player who gets the most wins.

Minute To Win It Eyeball Ping Pong Balls
Glue or duct tape an old tissue box to an old belt.  Fill the tissue box with 24 ping pong eyeballs.  Place the belt on the player with the tissue box on the player's back.  The player has one minute to try and hop around to get all the eyeball ping pong balls out of the box before the minute is up.

Save Bugs From the Slime
Make or buy slime.  In a witches cauldron add plastic bugs and slime.  The kids must save the bugs from a slime death, by picking them out of the slime with their bare hands.

Don't Eat Pete
You have nine squares. Place a piece of candy in each square. One player leaves the room. The other players or room Mom pick a square to be Pete. The player returns. The player begins to eat the candy until they try to eat Pete, Everyone yells "Don't Eat Pete!" The player must stop eating the candy at that point. There are tons of versions out there, here are a few I've used.

Just like musical chairs, but you use Pumpkins. You could even tape cutout pumpkins to the chairs or use place mats to stand on. In a circle place a pumpkin for each player. Remove one pumpkin. Start music. The players must walk around the circle until the music stops. When the music stops each player must stop on the closest pumpkin. The player that didn't get a pumpkin is out. Remove another pumpkin and play continues. Repeat until one player is left and declared the winner.


I like to use tiny spiders as markers instead of candy, since the kids get so much at this time of year.  Cards I like:

Hot and Cold Pumpkin
HOT or COLD:  Have on player leave the room.  Hide the mini pumpkin.  Have the player that left the room return.  That player must now try and find the mini pumpkin.  The rest of the group must say warm, warmer, hot, hot hot, on fire when the player walks close or cold, colder, freezing when the player walks further away from the mini pumpkin.

Witches Brew
Make a spell book of items in a spell.  In a witches cauldron place items and a bag of dry beans or rice. Each team must search for the items on the spell book in order.  One item per person and pass the cauldron to the next team mate.  Then, start over until spell is complete.  The team that finishes first wins.

(You can always do a mix of Witches Brew and Witched Brew #2)

Witches Brew #2

Make a spell book of die cut paper items in a spell.  On a black plate called "witches cauldron" die cut paper items.  Each team must search for the items on the spell book in order.  Using a straw suck up one die cut paper item per person and move it to the cauldron and pass the cauldron to the next team mate.  Then, start over until spell is complete.  The team that finishes first wins.  No hands allowed.

Hot Head
Similar to Hot Potato. Stand in a circle and PRETEND the shrunken head is hot. optional: You could pull it out of a witches cauldron for fun. You must pass the shrunken head or keep bouncing it in the air, because it is too hot to hold. The first person to drop it or hold it longer than 1 second is out. Play continues until one player is left and declared the winner.
Freeze Dance
Kids always love to freeze dance.  When the music is playing the kids dance.  When the music stops the kids must stop, if they don't they're out.  Play continues until there is one winner.  Our favorite Halloween freeze dance songs are Thriller by Michael Jackson, Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett, Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles , Love Potion #9 by The Searchers, Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley.

Sticky Web
All you need is a hula hoop spider web made from masking tape to catch flying cotton balls.
Hang sticky side out. 
My Preschool class loved this game!

Spider Fight
Have a silly string fight pretending to be a spider and the silly string is your web.
Shaving cream fight is also fun.

Pumpkin Chuckin'
Carnival Game.  Make a triangle tower out of toilet paper.  Toss mini fake pumpkins at it to try and knock it over.

Nerds and Squeezers
You can play this game two ways.  Compete using tweezers move your color of nerds from one cup to another in a minute.  Or, you can play individually dumping both colors into a bowl and separating them into separate bowls using tweezers.
You could also use plastic ants, popcorn kernels, or pumpkin seeds.

Ghost You Take My Breath Away
Suck a M&M, Skittle, Reese's Pieces, candy corn with a straw and transfer it to another coffee filter ghost within one minute.

Grave Digger
Place a bowl full of Candy Corn on one side of the room. Divide the group into two groups. Using only the spoon, race to transfer one piece of candy from the full bowl to the empty bowl.

Take Out Candy Corns
Using chopsticks move candy corn or popcorn from take out containers (or a plate).

Put half the team on opposite sides of the room. Place a candy pumpkin, chocolate eyeball, ping pong eyeball, candy corn, etc. in the spoon. Each member must walk across the room one at a time and transfer it to the other player. The team wins who gets the last person across the room successfully. The hard part is if they drop it, they must start over.

Bugs In Jars
Place a jar on the floor. See how many plastic bugs or ants you can drop and make it in the jar. My mom used to play this with us using beans as a kid.
You could also use M&M's, Skittles, Pumpkin Seeds,
Candy Corn or mini erasers.

Corn Toss
Toss a candy corn and have a teammate catch them in a cup with one minute.

Corn Toss 2
Toss a candy corn or popcorn across the room into a bowl, see how many you can get within one minute.

Vampire, May I?
The Vampire stands at one end of the room.   The kids line up on the opposite side of the room.  The kids in order must ask "Vampire, may I_______?"  The Vampire either replies "Yes, you may." Or "No, You may not, but you may______."  The first person to reach to Vampire is the winner and t for the next round.  Fun Halloween Requests: Zombie Crawl; Frankenstein walk; Spin a web; Fly like a bat; Roll like a pumpkin; Stomp like a troll.

Hide and Shriek
One person hides.  The other players must tag the person finding them before they shriek.  If the person shrieks first, they are now it and the game starts over.  However, if the person who is it tags them before they get a chance to shriek, they must hide with the person until the next player finds them.  The same rules apply.  If the person who is hiding tags all the players before they shriek, they win the game instantly.  Otherwise, count up the number of players each person tagged while they were it.  A prize should be given.  Optional to play outside.

Don't Break My Pumpkin
The new game we found and tried for Valentine's Day from . The kids liked it, but the large clothespins were too easy for older kids. So, we tried the smaller craft ones. This was more challenging to clip on and time things out right to let go. Then, we went ultimate and got out the mini clothespins.
You will need a large pumpkin cut out of tissue paper and a clothespin for each player.
The smaller the clothespin the more challenging the game.

Have players pass the pumpkin around from player to player only using clothespins NO HANDS! Play continues until the pumpkin is ripped in half.
You could use white tissue paper and play don't rip my Ghost or bone
Gray tissue paper and play don't break my headstone
Black tissue paper and play Don't Break my Witches Hat or Cat

Bugs Tic Tac Toe
You can either just play that or have it ready for fast finishers.

Ring Around the Rosie
It's about the plague.  Hold hands and walk in a circle chanting:

Ring around the Roses,
A pocket full of posies,
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down.

Then, everybody falls down.

Mad Libs
A fun game or activity for fast finishers, I've even got them out at the treat table to keep kiddos under control. Think about the audience and ask yourself if they will understand the joke or if it is to advanced for them when picking a mad lib. There are tons of printables out there. Or just order some

Mummy, Mummy, Witch
Similar to Duck, Duck, Goose. Have all players sit in a circle. The person who is it walks around the circle gently touches everyone's head in order calling them a Mummy. Until they pick a player to be the Witch. Then, they touch that picked players head and gently drop calling them a Witch. That person must now standup and chase the player that was it, flying like a witch, trying to catch them and tag them before they have ran around the circle. If the person who was it gets tagged before they reach the Witches seat, they must be it again. However, if the player reached the Witches seat, the Witch is now it. I always tell my kids to pick someone who hasn't had a turn yet, to ensure everyone gets turn.

Ping Pong Eyeballs

Buy a table top ping pong set.  Use ping pong eyeballs or make your own by painting iris's on ping pong balls.

Eyeball Mini Golf
Use the Eye Ball Ping Pong balls or paint golf balls to look like eyeballs.  You could even paint them to look like pumpkins or other Halloween characters.

Set up 12 glasses like you would for beer pong.  Except each glass is filled with either a yummy normal soda or other drink and some are filled with nasty flavoring.  Bounce the eyeball ping pong into the drinks, the one it lands in is the one you get.  So, it's a gamble on if you get a yummy drink or a gross one. Non-alcoholic for the kiddos.

Who's the Dude?

Fibber is the kids version of BS.  It's cards are all classic Halloween  characters.  It's really funny, because all the players wear glasses and when they get caught lying they have to add nose pieces like in the Pinocchio.

Spider Bulls Eye
My kids love this sticky spider slingshot game.

Spider Races
Cut the ring off of spider rings, leaving just the spider.  Race by blowing the spiders with a straw.

22 Mini Pumpkin Games
Click here for a great list of fun games I didn't list here, since I already posted them.
click here for a Amazon link to mini pumpkins.

Pudding Pictionary
(use Halloween words)

new on our blog

If you are in charge of the Halloween Class Party there is usually a few games, a treat or sugar cookie decorating and a craft.

I personally like Zombie sugar cookies.

We made Zentangle Pumpkins for the craft at our last party.
I grew way too many mini pumpkins, and it was a big hit!

Fun games for purchase on Amazon if you're short on time:

We'd love to hear how your party went, leave us a comment.

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