Sunday, November 8, 2015

Party Game: candy and a ball of tape

Party Games

This game is a huge hit. Kids and adults both love it!

The object of the game is to roll dice,  
and unwrap a giant packing tape ball with candy throughout it.

First you'll need:
2 rolls of packing tape or 100 yards (per half hour play time)
Lots of candy or little prizes in sturdy packaging
2 dice
A cake pan to roll the dice in (optional)

Candy tape game

To make the tape ball start with the most expensive or best prize you bought, then wrap the packing tape completely around it forming the start to the ball.  Give it several wraps in different directions.  Press the tape down all the way periodically to insure a good stick.  Proceed to add candy or prizes to the ball as you go.  Try to keep the ball as sperical as possible, if there is a flat part add the prize there.

We used a pack of gum for our center, and a few large candy bars close to the center with a few pieces of cheap candy in between to help insure one person didn't end up with all the best stuff.  We used this candy ball for our Halloween party, so we included spider rings, fake eyeballs, eye liner, nail polish, along with our candy.  However, it was mostly candy.  Once the ball got a little bigger we would add something every couple of wraps of tape all the way around the ball.  You can add as much or little amount of items you choose.  We spent amount $10 on our tape ball of candy.  We just bought to rolls of cheap packing tape at our local dollar store.  Each roll had 48 yards of tape.

Candy Ball game

We left a little piece of paper to attach the two rolls of tape together.

This is one roll of tape or 48 yards.

halloween party

Make sure you cover the whole piece of candy after 3 or 4 wraps of tape around the ball.

Once you finish unwrapping the second roll of tape you need to decide how hard you want the game to be.  You can either leave a piece of paper to start unwrapping the tape ball or you can just cut the end of the tape and smooth it down hiding the beginning of the tape.  The first few people will spend their turns just trying to find the beginning.

valentine's day party game

To play:
Have players sit in a circle 
Place the candy/tape ball in the center on the players
Start with the youngest player
Roll two dice one time and pass the dice to the left
Every player that rolls doubles gets to unroll the tape ball until another player rolls doubles
Once another player rolls double the ball is passed to them and they get to unroll the ball until another player rolls doubles and so on. 

dice game

If a player rolls snake eyes (two ones)  they get a count of 5 seconds of time to unroll the ball of tape before the next player can roll the dice.  Any play by another player during those 5 seconds is void.

If a player rolls a seven or eleven the direction of play 
changes from left to right or right to left.

The kids get a little more hyper and excited as the game proceeds, be sure to ensure no player through the ball at other players it it hard and heavy and could cause an injury.
*Adult supervision is recommended.

The players must remove the candy completely from the tape in order to keep it before another player rolls doubles, otherwise the person who rolls doubles can now take the candy off the tape.  In other words, once a doubles is rolled, the player holding the tape ball must immediately stop and pass the tape ball to the player that rolled doubles.  This rule will come up and be questioned, so I highly recommend making sure this rule is understood before the game begins.

At some point the end of the tape will get lost, part of the game is figuring out how to unwrap it or start it again.  We let it go for three players, and if nobody could get it started we cut a piece of the ball to start again.  

For a class party if you are rotating between stations I would make a seperate smaller ball for each station.

Have fun!

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