Thursday, January 24, 2019

Pi Day - Pizza Pies and a Pie Eating Contest

We wanted to do something fun to celebrate Pi Day this year.
We decided to make pizza pies and have a pie eating contest.

We went to our local grocery store and bought some ready made pizza dough, sauce and all the fixings.

We wanted the pie eating contest to be individual mini pies.  We found these super cute and easy  Pie Crusts.  You could also use frozen or larger crusts.  We thought it would be funny to make it messy, so we went with pudding for the pie filling. Scroll down if you just want to see the funny pie eating contest pictures.

For the pizza's we cut the ready made dough in half, so everyone could make their own.

We pulled out our pizza stones.
Can't tell one is older than the other one, lol.
We like to make pizza's on our Traeger Smoker. So Good!

This is what everyone picked out for our toppings.
Remember, making the pizzas together is part of the fun!

We tried to roll out the pizza as thin as we could, they always raise a bunch.

One of the kids decide on making a calzone instead.
We always put the pizza on parchment paper so we can easily take them off the pizza stone after cooking, so we can reuse the same stone.

We decided to make some breadsticks with the extra half of the pizza dough.

Make sure it is good a cooked through, nothing worse than doughy pizza.

Now for the pie eating contest
We just followed the directions on the pudding package, added a few sliced banana's (possible choking hazard) and whipped topping.

We decided our faces wouldn't fit into the mini pie tins.
So, we popped out the pies into a salad bowl.

You want to make sure the crust is still on the bottom, otherwise it's too easy to win.

No Hands Allowed!
Be sure to take a video and fun pictures.
We put our video camera on a tripod, so we could have a good laugh after.

Needless to say I did not win!!!
I am the world's slowest eater.

It was so fun, we took a family picture with the pudding still on our faces.
I wasn't allowed to post that though, lol teenagers.

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