Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pringle Ringle Challenge

We saw the Pringle Ringle Challenge on the Today's Show.  We are always up for a challenge, so we thought, why not?  Another fun family night activity or party game.

 For each ring you need one Pringles container.
We decided to break off into two teams and race.  This did lead to some fighting and I would recommend for older kids and adults to each make their own.

Gently pour out your Pringles to keep them from breaking or chipping.

You want a good solid base.

Keep going from there.

They thought they had it, but it has to be free standing and when they removed their hands it fell.

The final piece.

The winning team!
*See the bottom of the blog for our secret method.

Duck Face

Duck Kisses

I wanna be a DUCK!

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  * Our Winning Secret Method.
Place two Pringles sided by side for the base.  Place the Pringles touching each other to give support and hold in place.  Place a Pringle on top centered over the two touching pieces and build from there.  Ensure the pieces touch each other and a build all the way up.