Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fuzzy Sock Cupcakes

Teacher Valentine's Day GiftBirthday Gift

We have made these cute gifts for birthday presents, and most recently Valentine's Day presents, for the girl's friends and neighbors.  It is an inexpensive gift to give, costing only $1.25, if you shop wisely.  Check around I can usually at find a pair of socks for $1.00.

Who doesn't love a pair of warm cozy fuzzy socks.  They could possibly be used for a teacher gift, get well soon gift, Christmas gift, cold feet bride/groom gift, neighbor gift, visiting teacher gift, church youth gift, thank you gift, a comfort gift for a new mom,  or even a spa party or bridal shower favor.

You will need:
a pair of fuzzy socks
red sucker or candy

 Remove all tags and metal clips

I prefer to use a treat cup, because they are stronger and provide more support.
You can find them in the party section usually in packs of 6 for around $1. Plus, you can buy different decorative themes for different gifts.

Line your socks on top of each other but separate them about 1/4", this will help offer more of a layered frosting look when the socks are rolled up.

 Begin rolling the socks from the toes to the ankle I a downward motion.  I've found some socks are better with the heel up, and some are better with the heel down so try it both ways.

Place a rolled up sock into your treat cup.

  At this point fluff and pull sock into shape.  Fluffier socks seem to fill the cup better.

Pull onto the top if needed to give more of a frosting look.

You sock should look like this.

For a Cherry on top. Push a sucker stick down through the center of the first roll.  You can use other candy, but the sucker stick holds it nicely in place.

Fluff and primp as needed.

Get well soon gift

Place in a clear party favor bag and tie a bow on top.
You can add a cute tag if desired.

Fun Sayings I've Used:

You Knock My Socks Off

You Give Me The Warm Fuzzies

You Warm My Soul

In Case You Get Cold Feet
(bride or groom gift)

New baby giftFuzzy Socks

Cold Feet

Valentine's Day gift

Fluffier socks work best.  The ones pictured, I purchased on clearance for a 3 pk for $1.00.  They are the least fluffy ones we've used.  As you can see they still worked, but aren't quit as full as others we have made.

We'd love to hear about how you gifted these socks.

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