Sunday, March 26, 2017

50 Easter Games

We love to play games in our family.  Here is a huge list of games we've played or made up over the years for Easter.  Easter is a fun time to get together with family and friends, we hope these games make your Easter party one to remember.

Many of our games require jelly beans, but other Easter candy such as Robin Eggs, Skittle, M&Ms can be used.

These Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans are our favorite Jelly Beans.

Mom doesn't like Jelly Beans, so she likes to use mini Robin Eggs instead.

Many of the games require Plastic Easter Eggs found here.

Sticky Situation

Gently toss a small plastic egg towards your team mate who is holding a lint roller.  The team mate must try to catch as many plastic eggs with the lint roller as possible.  Use the same number as eggs for each team and a fresh piece of tape on the lint roller. The smaller and lighter the eggs the better.

Humpty Dumpty
You must race to fix all these broken eggs.  They have to be matched with their other half in the same color.  The first person to get all their eggs matched and put back together wins.
Variation: Start with all the eggs put together mismatched, players must fix them.

Bunny Ears Ring Toss
Separate into teams of two.  One player must wear firm bunny ears.  The other player must gently toss a ring onto the bunny ears.  The team that gets the most rings onto the bunny ears wins. You can also play this using stuffed animals.  We used the rings from our Twister Hoopla game.  They are perfect.  They are in four different colors with four of each color. Or purchase a similar game here.

Chicken Dance Contest
Have judges decide who can dance the chicken dance the best.  You can have different categories like the funniest, craziest, lowest, best or worst.  Download the song here.
Would also be fun as freeze dance.

Lay an Egg Race
Place a handle-less basket across the room or yard.  Easter grass optional (recommended if you use real eggs).  Players must separate into two teams.  In a basket next to the player place an egg for each player on the team (my girls like to go twice so we put two eggs for each player). The players one at a time must place an egg between their thighs and run across the room or yard as fast as they can without dropping the egg.  They must then, pretend to be a chicken laying an egg and plopping it into the basket only using their thighs.  If they drop it along the way they must start over.  If it doesn't land in the basket, they must start over.  Then, they run back to their team and give the next person in line a high five.  The next player can't take the egg out of the basket until the previous player gives them a high five.  The first team to have all their players lay an egg into the basket across the room wins.  You can use raw, boiled, or plastic eggs.  We have played before that if the eggs cracks open when you drop it, you must start over with a fresh egg.  If you have a fun crowd, this can be a real funny game!

Egg Toss or Water Balloon Toss
Have players separate into teams of two.  Give each team an egg or water balloon.  Start two feet apart facing each other.  They must toss the egg to their team mate.  The team mate must catch it.  If they don't catch it or it breaks at any point in the game they are out. Then, everyone must take a step back.  Repeat until only one team is left. 

Eggs in a Basket
Separate into groups of two.  One teammate holds a Easter basket, and tries to catch the eggs in it.  The other teammate tosses the eggs.  The team that catches the most eggs in their basket wins.

Egg on a Spoon Races
Race using raw, hard boiled, or plastic eggs.

Egg (Balloon) Race
Have players race holding balloons between their legs.  For added fun, make them water balloons. 
*Balloons are egg shaped.

What Color Are You?
Separate jelly beans into their matching colored bowls.  Use chop sticks for an added challenge.

How Many?
Guess how many jelly beans are in the jar.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny
Make your own by drawing a bunny on a poster board, or buy the set here.  You can use cotton balls or Pompoms for the tail.

Some of the jelly beans taste delicious, some taste like dirt or worse! Click here for the game.

Egg Bowling
bowling with a giant egg.  The Egg isn't circular, so it is more challenging.  Click here for a Easter Bowling Set.

Bunny Tail
Race blowing marshmallows across table with a straw.
The first person to cross the finish line wins.

Minute To Win It Easter Eggs

Glue or duct tape an old tissue box to an old belt.  Fill the tissue box with 24 plastic Easter eggs.  Place the belt on the player with the tissue box on the player's back.  The player has one minute to try and hop around to get all the eggs out of the box before the minute is up.

Bunny Hop
Potato sack races.

Easter Egg Tower
Stack halves of Easter eggs on top of each other to make a tower.  You an time it if you want to.  The player with the tallest tower wins.

Egg Golf
Play mini golf using eggs.  Eggs aren't circular do they roll all over the place, making it more of a challenge.

Egg Roll
Make wind by moving cardboard back and forth behind the egg.  Race to move the egg over the finish line.  Don't touch the egg with the cardboard.  The egg isn't circular, so it will roll in different directions. You can't touch the egg.

What Kind of Egg are YOU?
Fill plastic eggs with different items.  Have a master list of what's inside them.  Have players shake the plastic egg and guess what's inside.  The player that has the most correct guesses wins.  We like to make it difficult by filling them with different kinds of grains or beans,

Using the top half of plastic eggs. Hide two of each object under the egg tops.  If you find a match you get another turn.  If you don't get a match your turn is over.  After the last match is found, the person with the most matches is the winner.

Take out Jelly Beans

Using chopsticks move jelly beans from take out containers (or a plate).

Minute to win it Valentine's Day Games

Catch My Jelly Bean

Toss jelly beans and have a teammate catch them in a cup with one minute.

Drop a Jelly Bean

Place a jar on the floor. See how many jelly beans you can drop and make it in the jar.

My mom used to play this with us using beans as a kid.

Could also use M&M's, Skittles or mini erasers.

Nerds and Squeezers

You can play this game two ways.  Compete using tweezers move your color of nerds from one cup to another in a minute.  Or, you can play individually dumping both colors into a bowl and separating them into separate bowls using tweezers.

Hold Onto My Egg
You can also race teams.  Put half the team on opposite sides of the room.  place a jelly bean in the spoon.  Each member must walk across the room one at a time and transfer it to the other player.  The team wins who gets the last person across the room successfully.  The hard part is if they drop it, they must start over.

You Take My Breath Away

Suck a jelly bean, M&M or Skittle with a straw and transfer it to another bowl within one minute.

Cup Toss 2
Toss a jelly bean across the room into a bowl, see how many you can get within one minute.

Scoop of Jelly Beans

Place a bowl full of jelly beans on one side of the room.  Divide the group into two groups.  Using only the spoon race to transfer the full bowl to the empty bowl.

Don't Eat Peep
You have nine squares.  Place a Peep or jelly bean in each square.  One player leaves the room.  The other players or room Mom pick a square to be Pete.  The player returns.  The player begins to eat the jelly bean until they try to eat Pete, Everyone yells "Don't Eat Pete!"  The player must stop eating the jelly beans at that point. There are tons of versions out there, here are a few I've used.

Musical Eggs
Just like musical chairs, but you use cut out Easter eggs.  You could even tape eggs to the chairs.  In a circle place heart for each player.  Remove one egg.  Start music.  The players must walk around the circle until the music stops.  When the music stops each player must stop on the closest egg.  The player that didn't get a egg is out.  Remove another Egg and play continues.  Repeat until one player is left and declared the winner.

Save the Eggs
Click here on our blog for rules.
Use Jelly beans instead of Swedish Fish.

Hot and Cold or Boiled Egg

HOT or COLD:  Have on player leave the room.  Hide the egg.  Have the player that left the room return.  That player must now try and find the egg.  The rest of the group must say warm, warmer, hot, hot hot, boiled egg when the player walks close or cold, colder, freezing rotten egg when the player walks further away from the mini pumpkin.

Hot or Boiled Egg
Similar to Hot Potato. Stand in a circle and PRETEND the Egg is hot. optional: You could pull it out of an Easter Basket. You must pass the egg or keep bouncing it in the air, because it is too hot to hold. The first person to drop it or hold it longer than 1 second is out. Play continues until one player is left and declared the winner.

Freeze Dance

Kids always love to freeze dance.  When the music is playing the kids dance.  When the music stops the kids must stop, if they don't they're out.  Play continues until there is one winner.

Easter Bunny, May I?
The Easter Bunny stands at one end of the room.   The kids line up on the opposite side of the room.  The kids in order must ask "Easter Bunny, may I_______?"  The Easter Bunny either replies "Yes, you may." Or "No, You may not, but you may______."  The first person to reach to Easter Buny is the winner and t for the next round.  Fun Easter Requests: Bunny Hop; Worm Crawl; Chicken cluck; Roll like a egg; Fly like a bird; Waddle like a duck; Walk like an baby animal.

Duck, Duck, Goose
Have all players sit in a circle. The person who is it walks around the circle gently touches everyone's head in order calling them a duck. Until they pick a player to be the goose. Then, they touch that picked players head calling them a Goose. That person must now standup and chase the player that was it trying to catch them and tag them before they have ran around the circle. If the person who was it gets tagged before they reach the Goose's seat, they must be it again. However, if the player reached the Goose's seat, the Goose is now it. I always tell my kids to pick someone who hasn't had a turn yet, to ensure everyone gets turn.

Egg Drop Pong
Set up 12 glasses like you would for beer pong.  Except each glass is filled with either a yummy normal soda or other drink and some are filled with nasty flavoring.  Drop a plastic egg into the drinks, the one it lands in is the one you get.  So, it's a gamble on if you get a yummy drink or a gross one. Non-alcoholic for the kiddos.  A variation is Rootbeer Pong

Pass the Egg
Split the group into two teams.  Have each team stand in a straight row. Hand each team a egg.  Have them race passing the egg down to the end and back.  the team that gets their egg all the way back first wins.

Up Close and Personal

You'll need two eggs.  Divide the group into two teams.  Have each team stand in a straight row.  Place an egg under the first person's chin.  They must pass it to the next person in line using only their neck, chin, and chest.  The next person in line must take the egg under their chin using only their neck, chin, and chest.  Continue passing the egg until it is passed to the end of the line.  The first team to successfully complete this wins.

 Easter Egg, Easter Egg Who has the Prize?
Similar to Button, Button Whos Got the Button. Have players sit in a circle with their hands out and their eyes closed.  Give each player a plastic egg.  Inside only one egg, put a quiet prize.   Have the kids pass the egg to their left chanting "Easter Egg, Easter Egg, who has the prize?" Each child gets one guess.  They raise their hands to be called on.  If they are right they get to be it, and the game starts over.

Floating Egg Game
Similar to the duck pond game.  In a pool of water.  Write different prizes on paper and put inside sealed plastic eggs.  Then give each child a butterfly net.  They must catch the egg in the net to get the prize.

Easter Egg Card Game
(Similar to Spoons card game or Musical Chairs):
Click Here for rules on another of our blog posts.

Egg Bob
Similar to bobbing for apples.  Fill a large tub or pool full of water, place a bunch of sealed plastic eggs in the water.  They should float.  Optional: Tie players hands before their back.  Using only your mouth try to get the egg in your mouth and pull them out of the water.  Time each person.  The person with the shortest time wins.  For smaller children you could use a butterfly net or tongs.

There are tons of versions out there, here are a few I've used.

Mad Libs
A fun game or activity for fast finishers, I've even got them out at the treat table to keep kiddos under control.  Think about the audience and ask if they will understand the joke or if it is to advanced for them when picking a mad lib. There are tons of printables out there, here are a few I've used.

Tic Tac Toe

Play with Jelly beans.

Chicken vs Hotdog 

Chicken Time Warp
Card Game
Click Here for directions. Another variation is like hide and seek, but instead of the person who is it hiding, they hide the Christ or figurine.
You can substitute an Easter egg or stuffed animal.

Easter Egg Hunt Variations
Easter Egg Hunt
3.Give each child a colored pail and they are only allowed to collect the eggs that are their color.  Great way to keep it equal for different age groups.
4.Easter hunt using balloons instead of eggs filled with goodies, must pop the balloons to get the goodies. *NOT recommended on grass, it might pop the balloons.
5. Jokes on You!  For older kids, fill some of the eggs with really good stuff (candy, toys or prizes) and some with gross stuff (ex. slime, vegetables or gross jelly beans)