Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Left Center Right Neighbor Christmas Gift

In our neighborhood everyone pretty much gives either a treat or a small inexpensive gift with a meaning behind it.  I kept getting drawn to this Left Center Right Game.  I played it once at my brother's house, and it was a blast.  We ditched the tokens for money though.  It would be really fun with candy or prizes.  Then, it hit me.  With all the crazy politics and life right now, we really need to come together as a nation this time of year.  What better way than through the magic of Christmas and CHRIST.  After multiple attempts I finally came up with a saying I could live with.

Whether you lean more towards the LEFT
or more towards the RIGHT,
We can all come TOGETHER
with CHRIST in the CENTER.

Left Center Right is a really fun game.  Basically, you roll the three dice and pass your tokens whichever direction the three dice tell you.  You could easily tweak this game to fit any holiday or special occasion.  Even a fun party night with your friends.

You can buy a nice set (Amazon Link) that comes in a tin, but I went with this version (Amazon link) so I could be creative and insert a label.  If you like the idea, but want to spend a little more money on a nicer set there are deluxe (Amazon Link) and giant sets (Amazon Link) available as well. I found these magnetic tins (Amazon Link) that were perfect for the games.  I loved the window, the perfect spot for a personalized label.

I decided to go ahead and open the game, but either way works.
Make sure you include the game play directions.

I designed the card and personalized label on my silhouette cameo software.
I taped the tin shut to make sure they didn't spill out into the bag.

I bought  party favor bags (Amazon Link), but thought they needed a little something, so I added colored crinkle paper (Amazon Link) for cute filler.

Tied it off with a non holiday blue colored ribbon (Amazon Link).

Left Center Right Game Instructions

Each player starts with 3 tokens. Players take turns rolling the dice, continuing clockwise. To start: Roll all 3 dice. Each die tells you what to do with a token. Each LEFT = pass 1 token to the LEFT. Each STAR = pass 1 token to the CENTER. Each RIGHT = pass 1 token to the RIGHT. Each DOT = don't pass token. 3 DOTS is a perfect roll.  During the game, players with just one or two tokens left may only roll as many dice as they have tokens (2 tokens = roll 2 dice,  1 token = roll 1 die).  Players with no tokens left aren't out of the game.  They must pass on their turn and rejoin on the next turn they get tokens back.  The last player with tokens is the winner. 

For added fun substitute tokens for candy or money.

Hope this inspires your gift giving this crazy year.

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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Thanksgiving Turkey Wattle Game

We love to play and come up with crazy games in our home for all the holidays.  This is a quick short game post, but we had so much fun with this games it deserved it's own post. 

This is a take on a classic game turned into a Thanksgiving game.

Turkey Wattle Game

First things first.  A turkey wattle is the signature red hanging skin on a turkeys neck.

To make your Turkey Wattle, put a tennis ball or larger ball inside a red sock. Push it all the way down in to the toe area. I decided to go with fuzzy ones, because it looks more realistic and is softer.

Separate players into two groups. The players must pass the tennis ball down the line using only their chins, neck, and chest. The team that gets through all players first wins.
Such a simple game for such a great outcome.

We used to play it with apples and oranges in the 80's.

Version 2
Have team members split in half and line up on opposite sides of the room.  Players must hold the turkey Wattle under their chins with no hands, run across the room without dropping it,  pass it to the next player's neck without hands.  That player must repeat until all players have gone.  First team to have all players finish wins. 

Kissing Turkeys
Two players must hold the wattle between their lips and carry from one end of the room to the other end,  only touching it with their lips-NO HANDS!

Comment below how your party guests liked the game or any other party game suggestions.

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We pretended like they were turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Rubber Chicken Games

I was really trying hard to think of some creative games for Thanksgiving to play with my teenager and adult children this year. Then, it came to me rubber chickens kind of look like turkeys, so why not!  These are also great games for Easter.  

Flickin' Chicken (Amazon Link)

I was so excited to buy this game, I just burst out laughing as soon as I came across it. Basically the game comes with a disc you throw and 4 bouncy rubber chickens.  It plays similar to mini golf.  You takes turns chucking your chicken trying to get it to touch the disc, the chickens bounce so it's very challenging.  Like mini golf, you count the number of throws it takes you to get your chicken to touch the disc.  A super fun game!  You can use these chickens for some of the following games.

Chick Flickin Game (Amazon Link)
Basically, you fling chickens to knock down a cup tower with bullseyes on them . We bought some of the flinging chickens last year in a two pack at the Dollar Tree.  We used them to hit targets we placed on the wall and knocked over cups.  So, we basically made the same game without even knowing this one existed. They are a little bit sticky, but don't really stick to the wall.  More like it slows the drop down.  This year I bought the multicolored pack on Amazon, so we could have more players and they could each have their own color.  Click here for link. They are pretty decent other than the paint in the eyes is much larger.  Can't wait to try them out. We played that you counted each fling until you knocked the black cup off the table.  There are several ways you could count points. Click here for a Amazon Link to a game box set of targets and chickens.

The Eye of Providence
Build a pyramid and place a eyeball ping pong ball on top.  Try to shoot off the eye with the Chick Flickins.

I Got My Eyes on You
Place 4 cups on the edge of the table.  You must flick the chick flickins at the eyes.  you get a point for each eye you knock off only if the cup is still standing.

Pass the chicken
Pass the chicken over under through all team members.  The last player must run to the front and start over.  The first team to successfully get through all team members getting a chance to be at the front of the line wins.

The Sky is Falling Chicken drop
Drop chickens into a stockpot, bucket or cup standing on a ladder, stool or chair.

Capture the Chicken 
Play just like Capture the Flag, but use a rubber Chicken for the flag. Each team hides their Rubber Chicken. A few team members stay behind to protect the Rubber Chicken and a few members try to find the opposite teams Rubber Chicken.  The team that finds and retrieves the opposite team's Rubber Chicken first wins.  We played it, where if the other team tagged you, then you had to go to jail, until a member of your team tagged you out.  There are many variations to this game, so come up with whatever rules fit your party.  Check out this fun alternative indoor play by Flag house Activity Channel on YouTube.

Chicken Football
Played the same as flag football, expect use a rubber chicken for the ball.

Chuck the Chicken 
I remember playing this game with the local youth group. Split players into 2 equal teams. Both teams line up on opposite sides of play area.  Don't make the play area too large or points will rack up fast.  Set time or point goal to end the game. The first player on team 1 shouts "Chuck the Chicken!" and throws the chicken as far from team 2 as possible.  Team 2 runs to the chicken.  While team 2 is running after the chicken team 1 huddles up tight as can be.  The player that chucked the chicken runs laps around the huddled team members.  Each lap counts as 1 pt. Count laps out loud. The first player to reach to chicken picks it up, and the rest of the team members line up behind them.  The team must now pass the chicken to the player in the back alternating over their head and then under their legs. When it reaches the last player they must yell "chuck the chicken" and throw it as far away from Team 1 as possible.  Team 1 stops running laps and chases the chicken like team 2 previously did.  Play continues like this for however long you want to play time wise or point wise, just make sure that both teams got equal turns.  The team with the most points wins.

Don't Touch My Chicken
Have teams players line up across from player in the opposite team. Place a rubber chicken between each of these players.  The players have to follow the commands you yell out.  If you yell "head" they must touch their head,  "arm" arm,  "feet" feet, etc.  When you yell "chicken" they must grab the chicken.  Yelling cheek or chin really throws people off. The person who grabs it first is still in the game.  Change places so you are in front of another person with only one chicken between you.  Game continues until one player is left making them the winner. 

Chicken Dance (Amazon Link)
Have judges decide who can dance the chicken dance the best.  You can have different categories like the funniest, craziest, lowest, best or worst.  Download the song here.

Chicken Freeze Dance
Play the Chicken Dance song above.  Stop the music and all players must be frozen chickens.  the last player to freeze is out.  Continue play until the last player is named the winner.

Chicken Sides
Tape off a line separating two sides. 2 player game. Start with the same number of chickens on each side. Both players must stand and hold their right hand behind their back. Try to get all the chickens on opposing team's side.  You can only touch one chicken at a time. After 30 seconds, the player with the least amount of chickens wins.

Chicken Rolls
Line up to roll the chicken with your nose. The first person to roll their chicken across the finish line wins.

The Chicken Slide
Slide harder chicken across table without it falling off the edge.
You can do prizes for distance, tape off sections for each prize.

Musical Chairs (Chicken Dance song)

Chicken Hole 
Play Corn Hole, but use small rubber chickens instead of beanbags.

Chicken Tag
Like regular tag but the person who is it tags the players with the rubber chicken.  You can either do tag players out or tag drop the chicken.  The tagged player must pick up the chicken and they are now it.  You can squeeze the chicken to alert the other players a new player is it.  You can add funny things like cluck like a chicken or do the chicken dance before you can chase anyone.

Chickens (card game Spoons)
Play the card game Spoons,  but use rubber chickens in place of the Spoons. Click here for complete instructions for the game on our blog.

Extreme Chickens (Spoons)
See above-Instead of placing the chickens in the middle of the table,  put them all over the room in challenging places.  You have to run and get them. Careful on where you put them, or things will be broken and fought over.

Chicken Relay
Relay race using rubber chickens.

Crazy Chicken Relay
Race holding the chicken in a different body part per 2 person group on a single team.  For example: Shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow, cheek to cheek, back to back, forehead to forehead,  knee to knee,  hip to hip, etc.

Chicken Legs and Wings
Have team players stand in a line. Pass the rubber chicken holding the rubber chicken between your knees to the next player in line between their knees. If you drop the chicken, you must start over with the first player. Once you've made it through all the players, the repeat but this time pass under your wing (arm).  The first team to pass the rubber chicken through all the players without dropping it wins.  

Chicken Toss
Your team tosses the rubber chicken into a stockpot one at a time,  run to the back of the line.  If you only have one rubber chicken run retrieve the rubber chicken, then run back to give it to the next teammate in line.   See how many stockpots you can get in a minute.

Alternative play:
If you don't make it in the basket you're out.  Last team with a teammate still in the game wins. 
Try it standing on one foot.

Chicken Songs
Using only rubber chickens your team must perform a song.  Squeeze the rubber chickens to the tune of a song and have the other players guess the song.

Poop the Chicken
Have the group split into two teams. Line up the teams on one side of the room or yard. Place a stockpot with enough rubber chickens for each team member inside it in front of each team. Place the stockpot on the other side of the room or Each team member must race one at a time, waddling with rubber chickens between their legs or thighs, to the stockpot across the room or yard. The players must drop the rubber chicken into the stockpot and run back to their team.  If the rubber chicken was dropped anytime before the stockpot they must start over.  If the rubber chicken does not land in the stockpot, you must start over. Once the player has returned, the next player can go. Repeat until all the players have had a turn. The first group to finish is the winner. 
*If you only have one rubber chicken have the player run back with it and time the teams.

Don't Cluck
You have one minute to try and get a member of the opposing team to laugh using the rubber chicken.  One point for each player you get to laugh. 

Chicken Cluckin' Wars
You each act like a chicken trying to get the other person to laugh.  The first person to get the opposing player to laugh wins.

Chicken Neck
Separate players into two groups.  The players must pass the rubber chicken down the line using only their necks.  The team that gets through all players first wins.

Heads Up
Hold a basket on your head and try to catch the SOFT rubber chickens in it. 

Chickens Don't Fly
Line up to see who can throw the chicken the farthest.

Hidden Chicken
Hide chickens and have players look for them.

Hot and Cold
HOT or COLD:  Have on player leave the room.  Hide a rubber chicken.  Have the player that left the room return.  That player must now try and find the rubber chicken.  The rest of the group must say warm, warmer, hot, hot hot, on fire when the player walks close or cold, colder, freezing when the player walks further away from the rubber chicken.

Chicken Noodle Soup
We cleaned the chicken flingers really well and put them in cold to room temperature chicken noodle soup.  Using only our teeth, we raced to get all the chickens out of the soup.  If you play keep in mind these are NOT food grade and choking hazards are always a risk when playing food games. Play at your own risk and DO NOT eat them!  The chicken will feel like the noodles in the soup, making it challenging. I recommend using no broth to prevent accidental inhalation. Always check for food allergies before playing food games. 

Falling Chickens
Flick the little chicken at the big chickens to knock them over.  The ones I have stand up.

How Did The Chicken Cross The Street
Balance the chicken on your foot and race across the room or yard. This was actually pretty hard. 

Bouncing Chickens
On an trampoline with an enclosure put one or multiple chickens on to the trampoline and bounce. Try not to let the chicken(s) touch you, if it does you are out.  The Flickin' Chicken (Amazon Link) rubber chickens would work great for this game.

Hot Chicken
Similar to Hot Potato. Stand in a circle and PRETEND a rubber chicken is hot. You must pass the rubber chicken or keep tossing it in the air, because it is too hot to hold. The first person to drop it or hold it longer than 1 second is out. Play continues until one player is left and declared the winner.

Basketball Chickens
Toss the rubber chickens into a child's or waste basket basketball hoop.

Chicken Chicken
Play it just like Button Button using one of the mini Chicken Flingers.

Chicken Fried Baskets
One player tosses the rubber chicken and the other player must move the basket they are holding to catch it in. Try throwing the chicken backwards for an added challenge.

Chicken Foot Toss
Sit on your booty on the ground. Place the rubber chicken on your feet.  Kick it over your head behind you and have another player catch it in a basket. 

Chicken VS Hotdog
This is a fun game we just added to our chicken Thanksgiving stash. It was really fun, but I will warn you the teenagers and young adults did make a bunch of dirty jokes about them. Just tell People to keep it clean if you have younger kids.  My much younger niece and nephew loved playing it.  It's age range is 8+

Up Chickens Down Chickens 
You need a quarter. It's similar to button button. Split into two teams. Have each team sit on the same side of the table. Pass the quarter under the table through your team, being sneaky not to reveal who has it. Team captain yells up Chickens.  Everyone puts their elbow on the table with a fist straight up in the air. The person with the quarter is secretly holding the quarter in this fist. Team captain yells down Chickens. Everyone slaps the table leaving their hand flat in the table. The person with the quarter tries not to let it make a noise. The opposite team must guess who has the quarter. Your team gets point for each incorrect guess. The team with the least amount of points wins. 

Chicken Foot (Dominos Game)
I learned to play this game from my grandmother when I was in junior high.   She loved to play games and went through a domino game phase. 

Chicken Time Warp
Card Game

Tell "Why did the chicken cross the street" jokes

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Inflatable Pool Chickens Amazon Link for ultimate chicken fights
Inflatable Turkey Amazon Link (It literally looks like a cooked turkey)

There are so many different ways to incorporate rubber chickens into games.  Get creative and have fun!

Comment below your favorite Rubber Chicken Game

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