Thursday, March 23, 2017

Root Beer Pong Party Game

This is just a game we made-up.  It was originally planned out as a game for my Husband's 40th Vegas themed birthday party.  We were planning on playing it at different family parties, but always seemed to run out of time.  My daughter was so excited to play it, she insisted we play it at her birthday party.  I was a little hesitant, not knowing if a bunch of teenage girls would think it was dumb.  I was wrong.  They loved it, and really got into it.

You will need:
20 plastic cups
Root Beer
Nasty Flavorings
(we used balsamic vinegar and soy sauce)
a bunch of ping pong balls
(we used our Bounce Off game balls)
a hard surface
(table or clean floor)

*Ask if any of the players have any food allergies. 
The game won't be very much fun if your guests get sick.

You can make up your own rules, but this is how we played.

We left half the cups, five on each team regular root beer. 
In the other five cups we added the nasty flavoring.
You want to ensure that they all look the same,
and have the same amount of liquid in each glass.
We voted that the player got to bounce the ping pong ball across the table, over and over again, until it landed in a cup.  The player must then drink the cup it lands in.  The girls were so excited!

  I let them vote, if they should just take a sip or finish the cup.  They voted to finish the cup.  I was shocked they actually drank the entire cup of nastiness.  I don't think I could do it.  We did have a bowl ready for them to spit it out in if they couldn't drink it.  I would have voted for just a sip.

They held their noses and downed them. 
I kept asking if they wanted to change the rules.
They didn't!

Most girls finished their drinks completely, but there were a few that couldn't do it and used the "spit bowl."

There were enough cups for everyone that was brave enough to play to have two turns.

Christmas  Edition 
Eggnog Pong
Place green Solo cups into a triangular pattern so they look like a Christmas tree.  Bounce the  ornaments (ping Pong balls) into the cups filled with flavored eggnog (alcohol free for the kiddos).  You can make several yummy tasting ones and a few really nasty tasting ones.  Which ever cup of eggnog your ornament lands in you get to drink.

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