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44 Elfies For Teenagers and Adults

 Ok, I have all teenagers.   They are too old for the traditional Elf on the Shelf.  I wish they were younger, there are so many cute ideas out there for little kids. We aren't following the idea of the book either. I thought I would put it out and they would think it was dumb and they were too old.  I was so wrong, they loved it.  I would recommend buying the real Elf on the Shelf for younger kids. I got this one at Hobby Lobby in the ornament Section on sale for $1.85 click here.  It isn't meant to be used this way and is starting to fall apart, it is cute and posable though.  

The first year I did it and they actually liked it,  the second year they wanted to do it and took turns,  and we skipped the house fire year. (Here's a link to some of our younger kid elf posts) I wasn't going to do it this year,  then I decided it would bring laughter and happiness back into the home.  We didn't get much of a Christmas last year.   So, I spent hours looking up ideas for older kids/adults on Pinterest. (don't you just love Pinterest!).  All of the ideas were either too childish, or too crude meant for adults.   So, I took some of the ideas and made them into my own funny teachable moments.  The kids loved it, so I kept doing it.  You know your kids like it when they show their teenage friends everyday and their friends laugh and are jealous because their elf is childish.  Again, all my kids are all adults or really close to being adults.

Christmas 2019

We had a house fire last year,  so this is fitting.   

I burned down Cheryl's she-shed!! Don't tell.

I hope I get to meet Jake from State Farm

My brothers name is Jake,  so we used to joke a lot about the Jake from State Farm commercial.

We talked about fire safety,  and how insurance works.

I put cocoa powder on his face for fire ash. Not gonna lie, it kind of looks like poop.  I thought about burning the paper a little,  but our smoke detectors are really sensitive and I thought they'd go off and its freezing outside.

I totally forgot and saw this candle as I went to bed.  It worked,  they thought it was funny.  
 Good talk about strip clubs,  modesty, and sexting. 

Hunting is big where we live. 

Would you kill Bambi?

I admit I eat meat.   We talked about eating healthy, but we also talked about not wasting food and the life that was given.  When you throw out old meat from the fridge or uneaten food on your plate a real animal died so you could have that meat,  don't let it be in vain and waste it. Life is precious honor it. 

My daughters loved Nick Jr.'s Dora the Explorer,  so this ornament was perfect for these shredded snow man.  Any snowman will work. Mini marshmallows. 

I decided the girls sign was too crude, so I took it down before the kids got  up,  but I posted it for adult ideas.  We had a talk about inappropriate jokes and the opposite sex.  Because if your being honest with yourself,  you know that is going on all day long at school.  We also talked about sexual harassment. 

"Well paint me green and call me a pickle,  cause I'm done dealing with you!"

We follow the hide the pickle ornament tradition.  Christmas morning whoever finds the pickle gets to open their present first.

My daughter is obsessed with the NBC's sitcom Friends, so I had to make a scene for her birthday.

This one Elfie is hitting on the character Janis from Friends, and Joey is trying to stop him.

Talked about girl code,  asking before dating a friend's/ sister's ex and problems associated with it. 

I was going to do another one with phoebe and smelly cat,  but we had a party and my toy cat was missing afterward. =(

I just thought this was so cute and creative.
Use peas or split peas.

"Oops, I pea'd myself"

Never leave the blinds open! Peeping Toms

I keep trying to teach my girls about safety and to watch out for voyeurism.  
The dangers of sexting too.  I've had two stalkers at places I've worked as a teenager, one tried to follow me home.  Keep an eye out  and especially watch the dressing rooms and bathroom stalls when out in public.

Don't text and DRIVE

Big lesson in our house with teenage drivers.

It's ketchup.

Fresh Lemonade $.25

Because everybody jokes about pee being lemonade, always 100% of the time.

I just used lemon juice.

Just Say No!
(Yes I grew up in the 80's & 90's)
Great way to start a conversation about drugs, especially now that marijuana is legal in many states.

It's flour and a cut straw. 
 I also thought it might be funny to have smashed smarties and leave the wrappers.
A candy high! I'm not being crazy,  kids in my elementary used to crush and snort smarties.

OH MY SANTA! Your Dad farted and it was so bad, I had to shut myself in here. Let me out when the air clears ~Elfie

Talk about  manners. 

Don't eat the yellow snow
We talked about exposing yourself in public.   I know someone who got on the child sex offenders list, because he thought be was alone and peed outside on his farm. Apparently,  a car drove by and reported him.   Not the best idea on his part,  but he has  to deal with his mistake for the rest of his life.

It's flour.  I used lemon juice, because my food coloring poured out red.  
I think the food coloring would have been fine, if I had watered it down and mixed it good before using.

This one was just too funny!

I borrowed the "Butt Brush" Hope you don't mind! <3 Elfie

Talk about hygiene.

So, I forgot and got out of bed quickly, this is what I thought of. 

"Ho, Ho, Ho"
"Who you calling a Hoe?" (lol, how do you spell it?)

Good talk about names you allow people to call you, and self respect.  High school kids are always being disrespectful and think they are being funny towards each other.

I am always talking to my girls about watching their drinks and food when they go out.  Do not to accept opened drinks from strangers, etc.  Being drugged or roofied is a real thing and so is human trafficking!

This could get a little sticky!

My daughter was so mad.  
She thought one of her sisters played a prank, and there was no toilet paper until she saw it sitting on the counter.

The game of Operation

I'm Scared!
Could talk about plastic surgery and loving yourself.  We talked a little about medical insurance and organ donation.


Ok, when you have teenagers they think everything you do is wrong, including the way you dress, do your hair and make-up, etc.  So, I always think it's funny when someone compliments me on something they hate, lol.  In all seriousness though my girls always tell me how beautiful I am, so I can't complain.  I choose to believe them instead of thinking they are kissing butt for some reason, lol they probably are.  Have fun with it!

I couldn't decide whether to put 

She thinks I'm a real doctor 
North Pole Toy Enhancement Division.

I used a medical glove for their hats and the elf's gloves,  paper towel for the elf's gown and her covering, grapes for implants,  and an xacto knife.  Be careful with the knife.  
Good talk about vanity,  self love,  and not putting yourself in danger to save a little money.  How to look for a good doctor.  You hear about plastic surgery horror stories all the time.

I know you think some of these are crazy,  but I used it as a good icebreaker for some serious talks, and it worked great.  Plus,  it made my kiddos and hubby laugh and we all needed that.  Have fun with it!  Just because your kids are getting older,  doesn't mean you have to stop the traditions , just adapt to small changes. 

Merry Christmas!
I always end the Elf with one of our Nativities.
The holiday is about the birth of our Savior, after all the fun and games.

Christmas 2020
Remember, my kids are older teenagers and adults.

Our Elf was trapped in the crawlspace for a few days into December.  Some of our family was out of town, so we're a little behind on getting the decorations out.  Therefore, I made a note on the door to rescue him.

Day 2 we still didn't get the decorations out.  We have a really creepy Barney ornament, so I made a note that Elfie was scared of it. 

Day 3 still no Elf so a doll appeared in his place,  but I didn't get a picture of her announcement. She had a note about Elfie asking her to step in for him while he was detained.
I saw someone on Pinterest use "Whore in the Drawer" when they didn't have an Elf.  A dirtier than I wanted to take it.  So, I took that idea and made a cleaner version.

Day 4
Yes it's been that kind of year,  still no Elf. 

Finally we have an our Elf, and I forgot and got out of bed for this basic one.   It's chocolate chips as poop with a note that states "OOPS...I thought it was just gas! SORRY!"

This one is my favorite so far. 
Elfie got stuck in the SHARKNADO.
It's just batting made to look like a tornado with sharks sewn to it. 

I made a paper boat,  put it in a blue piece of paper for the ocean,  the shark is eating the boat like in the movie Jaws.

My girls are obsessed with this Netflix show.
It's just brown paper with the alphabet written in sharpie and a cheap sets of colored Christmas lights taped to it.

They said "Get in Bed"  "I heard Get in Bread"
Now I'm in a real pickle!
Please don't eat me!

Don't swallow your gum.
Oh man, is that blood?

I saved this head while making Halloween dolls just for this.

You're Next!
It's melted crayon for the blood

He's looking at a picture of my daughter.
It's her birthday, she has perfect no cavity teeth and wants to be a dentist.

Whoa, hubba hubba.  Isn't she dream!  And she's legal now. 18
I mean look at those teeth. ooo baby
Googly eyes taped over his painted eyes.

I'm watching you
It's right in front of the toilet.

Printout a picture on the copier.
Look No Pants

My kids freaked out over this one.

It's a felt hat, chicken wing bones, and ketchup.

Who doesn't love Bob Ross.
These are all our favorite Bob Ross quotes.  His hair is a hair bun donut from the Dollar Tree.

Christmas Vacation movie scene.  The cat was electrocuted in the tree from chewing on the Christmas lights.  It's funny to us, because our Chihuahua Troy was violently attacked by a cat.  So, Elfie has his back.

Turns out I'm a girl after all.
Elfie giving birth.

The scene from the Movie Titanic was the inspiration for this one.

"How long do you think I can get her to let me stare at her naked, before she figures out I'm not an artist?

Help!  The milk has gone bad!

My Tummy hurts
The Elf is inside him

Had some fun with our Halloween Decorations.  A giant spider spinning Elfie in his Web to eat him.

This one was so funny, I went back and fourth trying to decide if it was too sacrilegious and inappropriate.

It's the Maury Povich Show trying to find out who the father is of Mary's baby.  Mr. Potato head and Elfie are not the father.  Joseph is not the father, but has a sign he can be if he so chooses.  He does!

We had a lot of fun with our Elf this year.  We'd love to hear how your Elf went and see any fun pictures or ideas.

For our 2021 Elfie for teenagers and adults click here. They get better every year. 

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