Saturday, October 23, 2021

Ultimate Halloween Games Part 2

Halloween is my favorite time of year. 
I just can't get enough of the decorations and the games.
We have a party every year!

Here are some more great games we've learned or made up over the years to inspire your next Halloween Party.

Poop the Pumpkin
You will need 2-4 cauldrons (you could use garbage cans or buckets), A pumpkin for each player (we like to do 2 turns each, so we do twice as many pumpkin). Have the group split into two teams. Line up the teams on one side of the room or yard. Place a cauldron with enough pumpkins for each team member inside it in front of each team. Place a cauldron on the other side of the room or yard. Each team member must race one at a time, waddling with the pumpkins between their legs or thighs, to the cauldron across the room or yard. No Hands! The players must drop the pumpkins into the cauldron and run back to their team.  If the pumpkin was dropped anytime before the cauldron they must start over.  If the pumpkin does not land in to cauldron, you must start over.  Once the player has returned, the next player can go. Repeat until all the players have had a turn. The first group to finish is the winner.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Spout
Put a straw or thin dowel into a roll of play dough. Roll dice and add as many spider ring on the water spout as you rolled.  Keep rolling to see who gets all the spiders on the spout first.

Hot and Cold
Have one player leave the room.  The other players hide a Halloween item like a small pumpkin, etc.  the player returns to the room.  the other players say hot or cold depending on how close the player is to the item.  Hot for close and cold for far. We played it with toy rats.

Bite Me
Using vampire teeth move large marshmallows from plate to another plate.  See who can move the most in one minute or who can move all of the marshmallows the fastest.

Spider Leg Race
Four people lock arms back to back in one group and race to the other side of the room.

Spider Pull
This game from looks like a spider.  Tie together eight pantyhose stockings at the foot.  have eight people put them on their heads and  say go and the must stretch in different directions facing each other, the last person with the stocking on their head is the winner.  

What's in the Hay?
Find spiders, eyeballs, pumpkins or skeleton pieces in a haybox.

Frisbee Pumpkin, Flying Saucer or Bat Throw into a Batcave
Paint a frisbee to look like a pumpkin, flying saucer or bat.  Play just like regular frisbee.  For added fun purchase the game Kan Jam and toss the new painted frisbee into the pumpkin patch, outer space black hole or bat cave (Can).  

Basketball Hoop Skull or Pumpkin Toss
 Get a plastic child's basketball hoop or an over the door basketball hoop. practice taking shots using basketballs they look like pumpkins or use plastic skulls or pumpkins.

Ghost Face
Fill a tea cup with flour. Make sure its full and packed tight.  Flip the cup over so the flour makes a perfect mound in the shape of the cup.  Place a piece of candy in the center of the flour, careful not to break the flour apart.  Give each player a butter knife.  Each player takes a turn cutting a small piece of the flour away.  the cut must go from the top of the flour mound to the bottom.  The player that knocks the candy off must pick up the candy using only their mouth and eat it.  They will end up with flour all over their face.  *check for any food or gluten allergies before playing.

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt
This would be fun to hide all the bones from a skeleton.  After they are all found, put the skeleton back together again.  For added fun get two skeleton sets. Spray paint one set black and split into teams.  The first team to fins all the bones and put their skeleton back together wins.

Skeleton Bone Dig
Hide skeleton bones in the sandbox have the kids dig them out.  
To make it even more fun, use paint brushes to uncover them like an archeological dig or dinosaur dig.

Sticky Hand
Using sticky hands try to swat and grab as many plastic spiders as you can in one minute.  We cut the ring portion off of spider rings for our spiders.

Eyeball Hunt
Hide a bunch of plastic eyeballs all over.  Have the players find as many as possible in a set time.  The player that finds the most wins.

How Many?
Place either ping pong eyeballs, bugs, spiders, etc. in a bottle. Have players guess how many.  The player with the closest guess wins.

Eyeball Plinko
Just play with ping pong eyeballs

Eyeball Bingo
Bingo numbers written on  eyeball ping pong balls or draw eyes on a bingo games number balls.

Dry Eye
Tape a piece of tape across the end of the table sticky side up.  Using straws blow eyeball ping pong balls across the entire length of the table.  Who can get the most to stick to the tape in one minute.

Place ping pong eyeballs, bugs, spiders, etc. in cooked spaghetti noodles.  Have the players see how many they can retrieve in a minute.

Dragon Egg Hunt
Like an Easter Egg Hunt except the eggs are full of Halloween items or candy.

GO to Hell (underworld) Limbo
Play just like regular limbo, but use a Devil's staph.
Everyone takes a turn walking under the Devil's Staph while bending backwards.  Players go lower and lower each round, until one person is left. if you fall or can't make it under you're out.

Flying Witches 
See who can run and jump the highest with Broom Stick between your legs.  Have someone hold a Broom and raise it after every one had a turn.  It's basically the opposite of limbo. If you can't jump high enough to touch it your out.  My elementary school teacher would play this every time we had a few extra minutes. 

Ghost touch
Heads Up 7 Up

Full Moon
Pringle Ringle Challenge.(it's on our blog)  
See who can make their can of Pringles into a freestanding ring first.

Truth or Scare
Just like truth or dare. Players must answer a question truthfully or opt to be scared.  Come up with age appropriate questions for the truth before hand. Instead of the dare they must do something scary.  We played with mystery boxes with creepy items inside they had to feel.  etc. wet spaghetti noodles, piece of fur, sandpaper, fake snake or spider, etc.

Haunted Towers
Players must stack cups into a tower and restack them all in one minute. Clear cups for Ghosts, orange cups for pumpkins, Green for monsters.  You can use a sharpie to draw on faces for added fun.

Players must act out and get their teammates to guess different Halloween words.

 Bigfoot Races
Cut out very large feet out of cardboard. Hot glue flip flops on top and have races. Funniest for the younger kids.

Halloween Memory
Grab a bunch of small Halloween items and place on a large tray or baking sheet pan. Give everyone 30 seconds to look at the items on a tray. Take the tray away and give them one minute to write down as many items as they can remember. They used to do this at every baby shower I went to as a kid. 

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Monday, October 4, 2021

Ghost Face

My girls love any game that is messy.  
This game is perfect for a Halloween Party.

You will need :
Mini Marshmallows or Cheetos
*Goggles recommended for safety

Separate group into teams of two.  Have one person from each team sit in a row of chairs.  Then, put shaving cream on there face to make a beard or cover the entire face.  The other team mate must be about 5' -10' away facing them. Give them an equal amount of mini marshmallows or Cheetos.  They must throw the marshmallows/Cheetos at their teammates shaving cream beard trying to get them to stick.  The team who gets the most marshmallows/Cheetos to stick wins.

Her marshmallows are hard to see in the picture, but look close they are there.  We played this at our family Christmas party.  We called it Santa's Beard, It was a big hit.  Then again at our New Year's Eve party, we called it Father Time.

We also played this in the summer with Cheetos for a daddy daughter party.

If getting messy totally creeps you out, we have played it with shower caps on our heads as well.  We put the shaving cream on top of the shower caps.

Have Fun and don't be afraid to get a little messy!

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