Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pudding Pictionary

We are always looking for fun games to play.  My kids have played this at school and church, so we decided to play it for family night.  It was so easy with very little preparation.  I used a four pack of  chocolate pudding packs.  I dumped out two on each side of the table.  You smooth it out with a spatula and use your fingers to draw.  We grabbed our Pictionary game down from the game closet.

We split into two teams.
The drawer picks three cards from the pile.  From these cards they picked one to draw.  We drew three so that there would be one that would be easy enough to draw in pudding.  We have an older version and some are really hard.
keep drawing an see how many you can get your team to guess before the timer goes out.  If your team did not guess the last card, the other team can guess and earn the points.  We played to ten.

It was a blast.  It's fun to get your hands a little dirty, show your kids your not too old to be silly.

After the game we had a pudding eating contest in a very unusual way, it was too funny.  Click here for more details.

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