Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Halloween Babies

 Aren't they Adorable, especially when you push they're tummy and they cry.

Halloween DIY

We wanted to make some scary dolls for Halloween.  We searched Pinterest for some fun ideas.  We found some fun ideas and the inspiration for our doll here.  She has a ton of really creepy and awesome Halloween DIY ideas, definitely check out her blog.

We went to our local thrift shop and found two dolls with the same head and arms/legs.  The bodies were different, because one of the dolls cries.  We thought they would be perfect together.

We cleaned them up good so the paint would stick.
 then we painted the parts we were keeping all black. 

We went with a glossy black acrylic paint.

We painted the eyes black both open and shut.

We applied a few coats, drying between each coat.  Once your babies have dried, decide what colors you want on top.  We chose silver and white. 

Instead of mixing the colors together, we dabbed the sponge brush a little in each color. Then, lightly dragged it across the doll leaving brushes streak marks.

We did this to all the black parts.

Then we mixed tan with a little black and white, with water.  We got the sponge really wet and did a wash over the doll, making the white look really dirty.

Once we thought the doll looked grubby enough, we cut off the extra two legs and arms.  We cut the body making sure that they were the same size on both dolls, for easier sewing.  We just quickly sewed them together with a blind stitch.


We looked at our dolls and thought it needed more drastic silver and white streaks, so we added more with less black.  Leaving the eyes only black. 

We then took brown embroidery thread and made big "X" stitches to give it the Frankenstein look.  We decided we wanted her shiny, so we sprayed her with a clear gloss spray paint.

Frankenstien Baby
creepy doll

Hope this sparks your creative juices for an awesome Halloween Prop!

DIY Spider Door

We had so much fun making these spiders after a bad spider experience we had involving a wolf spider and many, many, did I mention many babies.

My daughters saw a huge spider, I went to kill it with a shoe.  As soon as I hit it all the babies went flying everywhere, it was like breaking open a pinata.  My girls started screaming and totally freaking out, crying.  My instincts took over and i smash as fast as I can screaming as well.  

Ya, it was pretty scary and super funny now.

So we just bought a bag of simple spider rings.  They come in many colors, and even glow in the dark.  Just make sure they are the hard plastic.  We tried to make some with the softer plastic cock roaches and the magnets just fell off.

Try to find ones that have a fatter body like the picture on top.
The bottom one will work but its harder to hide the magnet.

Simply cut off the ring portion on the bottom.
 We used a roll of magnet tape, and simply cut to size.
Hot glue the magnet to the bottom of the spider.

You could even put them on curtains if the magnet is strong enough, just place another magnet or light piece of metal on the other side.

Just think of all the fun you can have with these.  
You could even pull the out for April Fool's Day!

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Halloween Babies
Creepy Doll

Halloween Leg Stumps
dollar store halloween decorations

Halloween Leg Stumps

We love Halloween at our house.  We definitely go all out with the decorations.  We are cheap though, so we try to make cheap decorations into something neat and scary.

We picked up a severed leg/foot stump prop from our local dollar store.  We've had these feet for years.  We try to change things up every year with out spending too much money.  Some years we've had them on a plate for a Halloween Meal, or outside with other body parts in a wheel barrel.  
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This year we thought it would be funny to put my daughters cupcake socks on them and put them in old shoes.  Debated over these shoes, high heels, or combat boots.  We then placed them in front of the bench where the kids put their shoes on.

Leg Stumps

Such a simple and easy decoration that packs a big punch.
Hope this sparks some creative juices flowing for great Halloween Decorations.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Funny Things the Kids Do and Say

I opened the refrigerator and find this pitcher, full of Lemonade, that my daughter had made.  Needless to say, she doesn't like to share, and thought she was funny!

I have a journal that I keep on my counter to record all the funny things my kiddos say and do, because without it this gem would be forgotten.  They love to get it out and read all the funny stuff they did or said.  I actually think they like this journal better than the photo album.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Helping Hands

We try to teach our kids about helping people in need. Sometimes I wonder if they are only doing it because I make them, or because they want to.

I was so proud of them when we learned Great Grandpa was only given weeks to live.  We immediately made dinner for them, and went for a visit.  I started cleaning their house and the girls were eager to help.  They noticed the dogs had smelled better, and were irritating Great Grandpa's pain.  They asked if they could give there dogs a bath.  Grandma hates to do this, and was excited that the girls asked to help.  Great Grandpa was just glad to dogs were occupied.

 Proud Mommy moment. Made me feel that we were doing something right with our girls. 

I think sometimes we forget to involve our children when we help others, but they really want to help.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wash Your Hands

Hand print

Throwback to a craft we made several years ago for our bathroom.  I wanted to make a craft with hand prints and couldn't think of one.  While talking to my sister, she told me of a cute bathroom she visited in a restaurant.  On the walls they had painted "Please Wash Your Hands" and the entire wall was covered with hand prints.  Light bulb moment, that would be super cute on a board with our kids hand prints.  I loved it so much, I made one for both bathrooms.

Wash your hands

I just cut board to fit the spot I wanted to display the hand prints. 

 Painted the boards to match the bathroom. 

 I measured each child's hand to make sure the spot was big enough. 

 I used a Sizzix die cutting machine to cut out the words and mod podged them on.  You could even use vinyl lettering for this.  I just tried to make the saying match the number of kids or you could do all the family members.

  I painted the kids hand with a sponge brush, and carefully applied it to the board.  If you are worried the hand print will get messed up, you could always make a few on card stock and mod podge your favorite, or scan it into your computer and cut it out in vinyl.

I hot glued ribbon on the back to hang it.

Would make a great mother's, Father's, or grandparent's gift.

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