Monday, July 11, 2016

Shaving Cream Fight

My kids teachers on the last day of school sprayed them with shaving cream as part of their field day.

So, we took that idea and made it crazier!

We invited a few of our cousins over, armed everyone with their own bottle of shaving cream, and had a shaving cream fight. We bought ours at the local dollar store.  

This was so much fun, it's definitely happening again.  Even the adults had a blast.  I only wish we would have started it a little earlier.  It was about 8:00pm when we had our fight.  After the fight we sprayed each other off with a hose.  This was a little chilly with the sun going down.
The kids did say it burned their eyes pretty bad at school.  So, we put goggles on the kids.
My cute niece just dyed her hair an hour earlier, so she opted to wear a shower cap too.
Take all safety precautions, not recommended for kids under 10.

Mom ready for the battle!

We made three rules:
Don't aim for the face
(The men of course broke this rule. Shaving cream doesn't taste good or come out of ears easy)
No tackling
No shoving it down pants

You know your participants, so add any rules that may apply to certain individuals.

Let the games begin.

This is what the yard looked like, until the sprinklers came on in the morning.
It didn't seem to hurt the lawn, from what we can tell.

This is definitely going on the summer bucket list for next year!

We'd love to see your crazy photos and hear your stories, leave us a comment.

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