Monday, October 3, 2016

Swamp Fishing Halloween Game

We made up a fun game for family night.  We bought a huge bag of Swedish Fish and had yet to use it.  My Hubby absolutely loves Cool Whip.  So we came up with a game using both.  We called it Swamp Fishing.  The Cool Whip represents the cloudy swamp water and the Swedish Fish is what your fishing for.  You are the big fish or sea creature searching for smaller fish.

Kind of like a pie eating contest. 

Grab a deep dish bowl for each player.

Place ten Swedish Fish on each plate.

Add two scoops of Cool Whip to each plate.

Stir the Cool Whip around so you can't see any Swedish Fish.

Each player must keep their hands behind their back and using only their mouth fish out all ten Swedish Fish.  The first player to get all ten out wins.

Be sure to video tape it.

Be prepared for a Cool Whip fight to start after the game, it's inevitable.

The kids had a blast!

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