Sunday, October 13, 2019

Vampire Talk Party Game

Sorry for the TERRIBLE pictures, but you get the idea.  That's what happens when you rely on someone else to take pictures, lol.  Nobody else would let me post their pictures, haha 
(they usually change their minds, we'll see)

There are several ideas to play this game.  The basic idea came to me last year after our house fire, we were left with none of our games or Halloween stuff.  I did however buy a  Watch Ya Mouth game at the local thrift store (yes I sanitized it).    While shopping around I saw some vampire teeth and it hit me.  Why not try the same concept with vampire teeth?  So, I bought a bunch.  Before the fire we had a set of mouth guard dental expanders I bought on Amazon, and wrote our own verses and tongue twisters.  I bought the Mouth Guards separately, because I wanted a bunch to play with the entire extended family.

We used a one minute timer, but you can change that depending on the difficulty of your phrases or age or your group.  Break up into teams.  You get one point for each phrase your team guesses correctly.  If your team doesn't guess the last phrase, the other team can guess and steal the points.  We played to 25 points.

I thought it would be fun to make up our own Halloween phrases to say.
Then, I decided to look online, but they are all copyrighted so here's the links to what I found.

I looked online for some Halloween tongue twisters.
Halloween Tongue Twister Sites:

I found books from Amazon you can download.
Books available in hard copy or Kindle download:

Then, I thought maybe movie quotes from famous Vampire inspired movies. 

Adult Movie Quotes

You could go the simple route and just purchase these non-Halloween games on Amazon.
(Just using the vampire teeth makes it a Halloween game right!)

Or, you can download a 1100 mouth guard challenges for free here Mouth Guard Challenge download.  But really the game is only like $8 to have it made for you in a box.

It really doesn't matter what route you decide to take, this game is going to be fun!
We did a combination of the tongue twisters and movie quotes.
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