Wednesday, December 7, 2016

50+ Christmas Party Games

Christmas parties can be hard to plan games for.  Especially, if it an all age party.  We have all been to hundreds of Christmas Parties over the year, whether for family, for work, among friends, at school or with our children.  My girls and I love to play games for our family night activities and tweak them to make them our own. 

Here are some fun Christmas party games we've learned or made up over the years:

Christmas Tree Wrap
Give each team a 1-2 rolls of green crepe paper.  If desired a star paper hat and paper ornaments and lights.  You can either race to see who can wrap the green party crepe paper around a teammate to make turn them into a Christmas tree or time them and vote whos tree looks the best.

Snowman Wrap
Give each team a cheap 4 pack of toilet paper or 1-2 rolls of white crepe paper.  If desired you could include a hat, buttons, carrot nose, eyes, scarf, and mouth.  You can either race to see who gets a team member wrapped to look like a snowman or time the teams and vote who's snowman is the best.

Balloon Pop
Give each player a set number of balloons and a pair of mittens.  Race to see who can pop all their balloons first using their hands wearing the mittens.

Wrapping Race
Give each player a the same size shoe box, piece of wrapping paper, 5 equal pieces of tape, and 3 feet of ribbon.  Race to see who can get their present wrapped first.  Bonus vote to see who's present looks the best.

Race to unwrap presents (empty shoe boxes) using thick mittens.  The first person to completely unwrap their present wins.

Pin the Carrot on the Snowman

Cut out a snowman on poster board and several carrot shaped noses from orange cardstock.  Blindfold and spin each player.  Give them a carrot nose to pin on the snow man.  The person who gets the nose the closest to the correct place wins.

Pin the Heart on the Grinch

Draw a Grinch on poster board and several heart shapes from red cardstock.  Blindfold and spin each player.  Give them a heart to pin on the Grinch.  The person who gets the nose the closest to the correct place wins.

Christmas Music Freeze Dance

Play Christmas music and have the children dance.  When the music stops the kids must freeze.  The last person to freeze is out.  Play music again and repeat until you have a winner.

Christmas Carol Frozen Sing Along

Have the group sing along to a Christmas song.  Turn the music off and whoever stops singing last is out.

Christmas Carol Musical Chairs

Make a circle of chairs facing out.  Have one less chairs then players.  The players must walk around the chairs when the music plays.  When the music stops the player must sit down quickly.  Only one child per chair.  The person who didn't get a chair is out.  Remove one more chair and start again until there is one winner.

Peppermint Starlight Stack
See who can stack the most peppermint starlight candies on top of each other without them falling over.  For a challenge use chopsticks instead of your hands.  The player that stacks the most wins.

Peppermint Starlight Stack 2
Holding a jumbo craft stick in your mouth try and stack as many peppermint starlight candies as you  can.  The player that stacks the most wins.  *This is really hard to play.

Snow Shoveling
Each player must put a good amount of petroleum jelly on their nose.  Using only their nose, move as many cotton balls into a bowl in one minute.  The person who fill their bowl with the most cotton balls wins.  The cotton balls must be completely in the bowl to count.

Shoveling Snow
Fill a large bowl with cotton balls.  Using spoons transfer the cotton balls one at a time into another bowl.  Continue until all the cotton balls are transferred.  The First person to finish is the winner.

Snow Ball Relay
Line two teams split in two.  Have half the team facing each other on the other side of the room.  give one member on each team a cotton ball or white pompom in a spoon.  They must walk the cotton ball in the spoon across the room to their other teammates.  The teammate then repeats across the room.  Play continues until each member of the team has had a turn.  The first team to get through all their players wins.

Snow Ball Toss
Have one team member throw the cotton ball or white pompom to their teammate who must try to catch it in a cup.  See which team catches the most cotton balls in one minute.

Rudolph Nose
Tie a 10 " piece of floss around a red pompom for each player.  Put a good amount of petroleum jelly on each players nose.  Each player must put the floss in their mouth and race to see who can swing the pompom and get it to land on their nose and stick wins.

Bouncing Snowballs
Bounce ping pong balls on table trying to land in a bucket.  The player that get the most in the bucket wins.

Roll Snowman
You'll need several ping pong balls and a flat table with double sided tape along one side of the table.  Time each player to see who can roll three ping pong balls across the table and stop on the tape to make a snowman.

12 days of Christmas
You'll need an object or picture of each of the 12 days of Christmas items.  Time to see which team can sort the objects in song order.  Or have several piles of the objects and have the teams race.

Build a Snowman
Using Chopsticks and marshmallows see who can make the most snowmen in a set time.  Each snowman must be three marshmallows stacked on top of each other.  The Snowmen must all still be standing when the timer goes off.

Snow Sticks
Using chopsticks to move the marshmallows from one container to another. The person to move the most marshmallows in one minute wins.

Jingle Bell Drop
See how many jingle bells you can drop in a jar.  The person who gets the most jingle bells to land and stay in the jar wins.

Don't Ring My Bell
Make an obstacle course with jingle bells tied all around it.  Players compete to see who can go the furthest through the obstacle without ringing a bell.

Mistletoe and a Kiss
Have the kids sit in a circle and play Christmas music.  The kids must pass the (fake) mistletoe around until music stops.  Whoever the music stops on get a Hershey Kiss, and the play continues.

Eggnog Pong
Place green Solo cups into a triangular pattern so they look like a Christmas tree.  Bounce the  ornaments (ping Pong balls) into the cups filled with flavored eggnog (alcohol free for the kiddos).  You can make several yummy tasting ones and a few really nasty tasting ones.  Which ever cup of eggnog your ornament lands in you get to drink.

Pass the Wreath Without Using Your Hands
Separate the group into two teams and line them up.  Using a ornament free wreath (check for safety hazards) the teams must pass the wreath down the line using any part of their body, except hands (feet, neck, head, etc.).  The first team to make it through their entire group wins.

Pass the Ornament Without hands
Separate the group into two teams and line them up.  Using a plastic ornament (hooks removes for safety) the teams must pass the ornament down the line using only their necks no hands.  The first team to make it through their entire group wins.
Candy Cane Drop
You'll need a 6 ft. string of tinsel and a box of candy canes.  String out tinsel in a, drop candy canes one at a time,  trying to get  the candy cane to land and stay on it.  The person to get the most candy canes to hook around the tinsel wins.

Candy Cane Pass
Give each team member a candy cane and line up the team.  Each team member puts the candy cane in their mouth.  They must then pass one candy cane down through the line of team members.  If one team member drops the candy cane the team must start over.  The first team to successfully pass the candy cane down the line wins.  For younger kids hold the candy cane in their hands.

Candy Cane Fishing
Tie a candy cane on a stick and string or a fishing line replacing the hook with the candy cane.  Send the fishing line over the wall.  Have a person hiding on the other side ready to attach a prize.

Candy Cane Fishing 2
Tie a candy cane on a stick and string or a fishing line replacing the hook with the candy cane.  Players pick up candy canes.

Candy Cane Fishing 3
Put a pile of 24 candy canes in the middle of a table.  Put a candy cane in your mouth.  Using only the candy cane to pick up as many candy canes from the pile in one minute.  You can also race another player until all the candy canes are gone.  The person who picks up the most and moves the candy canes into their bowl wins.

Candy Cane Hunt
Hide a box worth of candy canes for every two players.  Have the players hunt for candy canes like you would an Easter Egg hunt.  You could even have a giant candy cane for the grand prize.

* I like to buy plastic candy canes if playing in a large group, otherwise real ones break easily and everyone wants to eat them.

Reindeer Games (Red Rover)
Rudolph, Rudolph send ______ right over.

Santa Says (Simon says)
One player is Santa.  the rest of the players must do what Santa says, but only if Santa starts it with "Santa says _____!"  If Santa doesn't say "Santa Says"  whoever does to task is out.  Play continues until there is one winner.  They winner gets to be Santa next.

Santa May I (Mother May I)
Santa must stand on the opposite side of the room as the rest of the players.  The rest of the players must stand side by side.   The point is to get across the rook to Santa before the other plyers.   In turn the players must ask "Santa May I _____?"  Santa must answer with a "yes you may" or "No, you may not, but you may______."  The first person to reach Santa is it.  Players might ask to Fly like a reindeer, roll like an ornament, hop like a Jack in the Box, fly like and angel, march like a nutcracker, dance like a ballerina, roll like a snowball, etc.

Santa's Beard
Separate group into teams of two.  Have one person from each team sit in a row of chairs.  Then, put shaving cream on there face to make a beard.  The other team mate must be about 5' away facing them and give them an equal amount of mini marshmallows or Cheetos.  They must throw the marshmallows/Cheetos at their teammates shaving cream beard trying to get them to stick.  The team who gets the most marshmallows/Cheetos to stick wins.

Beard So White
Get a pie pan for each player and hide 10 gumdrops and Cool Whip.  Players must keep their hands behind their backs and race to dig out the gumdrops.  The person to get all ten gumdrops out first wins.

Santa Cookie
Place a cookie on each players forehead.  They must slide the cookie from their forehead into their mouths using only their facial muscles.  You can either time the game for one minute or race to see who can get the cookie in their mouth first.

Santa Hat Stack
Stack red solo cup upside down with a 1" white pompom or cotton ball on top then repeat with another cup and white pompom (or cotton ball).  Keep repeating until the stack tips.  The person who gets their stack the highest before it falls is the winner.

*Have players wear Santa hats for extra fun.

Snowball Fight
If you live in a warm climate, you can give each player a can of shaving cream and have a shaving cream fight.

Snow Ball Fight 2
Have a marshmallow fight outside.  The rain or sprinklers will eventually dissolve all the marshmallows.  Take precautions if you have pets or wild animals to clean up the marshmallows, so they don't eat them and get sick.
You could also use a marshmallow gun, slingshot or shooter.

Hide the Pickle (hot and cold)
It is a German tradition to hide a pickle ornament on the tree.  The first person to find it gets to open the first present on Christmas morning.  For this game use the pickle ornament and hide it around the room.  Send the seeker outside the room while the rest of the group hides the pickle.  The seeker must find the Pickle.  The rest of the group yells Hot or cold depending on how close the seeker is to the pickle.

Snow Flake
See how many paper snowflakes you can suck up and move with a straw in one minute.  The person who moves the most wins.

Antler Ring Toss
Toss rings onto an antler. Use real antlers or buy an inflatable Antler Ring Toss.

Wreath Toss
Ring toss using cheap wreaths instead on rings.

Through the Rabbit Hole
Hang a wreath and see who can toss the most ping pong balls through it in a minute.

Christmas Tree
Using green solo cups separate the group into two teams.  Each team must race to make the Christmas tree by stacking 18 cups into a tree pattern.  The first team to get their tree standing 10 seconds wins.  If it falls you have to start over.

Fly Like A Reindeer
Opposite of Limbo how high can you go.  Hold a broom stick about as high as most players can reach.  Give each player a turn and raise the stick about 6"  when the player can't jump to reach the stick they are out.

Shoot the Ornaments
Draw a Christmas tree on a white board with targets and point.  Using a Nerf gun with suction cup bullets, shoot the Christmas tree for points.


Snowball Tag

Snowball Freeze Tag

I Spy Ornaments Race
Give each player an I spy ornament.  Race to find the objects listed. The first person to find all the objects in orders wins.

Ice Blocking
If you live in warm climate, ice blocking is a great alternative to sledding.

Have fun, but be safe! 
We'd love to hear how your games turned out, or any new games we can try.

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