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Thanksgiving Party Games

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All the Fun Thanksgiving

Games we've learned over the years:

Fill the Cornucopia
Separate the groups into teams of two.  Have one teammate lay on the floor with a sugar ice cream cone in their mouth.  Have the other teammate stand above them and drop Runts into the ice cream sugar cone.  See which team fill their cornucopia up with the most runts candy pieces.  Goggles recommended.

The Colors of the wind
Get a huge pile of colored feathers or leaves and a stand up fan.  Let the fan blow the feathers or tissue paper/artificial leaves all over and the kids have to see who can pick up the most.  You could make it harder and assign each child their own color and see who gets all theirs first.

Fish Pie
Click Fish Pie Game for complete rules and more pictures. Fill a pie pan with whipped topping and 10 Swedish fishThe players must dig out the  Swedish Fish using only their face.  Whoever gets all the Swedish Fish out first wins.

Pin the Feather on the Turkey
Draw a turkey on a poster board Use real feathers or paper cutouts with double stick tape on the back.  Blind fold the kids, spin them around, and stick the feather on the Turkey.

Turkey Standoff
Two players stand facing eachother.   Both players act like a turkey and try to get the other person to laugh.  Gobbling, flapping your wings,  waddling, etc. The first person to laugh looses.

Pin the Feather on the Native American Headress
Draw a picture of a Native America on a poster board.  Use real feathers or paper cutouts with double stick tape on the back.  Blind fold the kids, spin them around, and stick the feather on the Native American Headdress.

Turkey Wattle Races

Put a tennis ball inside a red sock.  Separate players into two groups.  The players must pass the tennis ball down the line using only their necks.  The team that gets through all players first wins.

Scare Crow Race

Separate the group into two teams.  Have two stacks of extra large clothes including flannel shirt, hat, gloves and large boots.  Place the two stacks of clothes on one end of the room.  Have the players split into two groups and each team split in half. Line up the two team groups on the opposite side of the room.  Each group one team member at a time must run across the room put on all the clothes in their stack and walk to the other side of the room.  Then, strip off the stack of clothes.  The next player must then quickly dress in the clothes and walk to the other side of the room.  Play continues until all players have dressed in the stack of clothes and quickly walked across the room.  The first group to finish wins.

Sticky Situation
Make several turkey ping pong balls either with a permanent marker or a turkey sticker. Gently toss a turkey ping pong ball towards your team mate who is holding a lint roller.  The team mate must try to catch as many turkey ping pong balls with the lint roller as possible.  Use the same number as turkeys for each team and a fresh piece of tape on the lint roller.

Set up a wall taller than the kids and let the kids fish over it for fish.  We printed off fish and glued a prize or wrapped candy to them.  When the kids fishing line came over the wall, a hidden person attaches a prize hooked with a cutout fish, and pull on the fishing line to let the kids know they caught something.

Shoot the Turkey
Draw a Turkey on the white board.  Purchase a Bow and Suction Cup Arrow set.  Try and Shoot the Turkey.

Turkey Shoot
Print out 4" pictures of Turkeys and tape them to cups.  Place 10-20 turkey cups around the room.  Let the kids shoot the turkeys with Nerf guns or bow and arrows.

Fruit Toss
Using children's plastic play food, gently toss the fruit and veggies to their teammate who must try to catch the fruit and veggies in their cornucopia basket. If you don't have baskets,  you can make a cone out of cardstock.

Don't Eat Pete
You have nine squares. Place a piece of candy in each square. One player leaves the room. The other players or room Mom pick a square to be Pete. The player returns. The player begins to eat the candy until they try to eat Pete, Everyone yells "Don't Eat Pete!" The player must stop eating the candy at that point. There are tons of versions out there, here is one I've used.

Candy Corn Crop Circles
Try to stand up as many candy corns around a circle paper plate as possible in one minute. Bite ends off to get a flat slightly sticky surface.  You might want give it a little lick, for added stickiness. The player who gets the most wins.

Musical Pumpkins
Just like musical chairs, but you use Pumpkins. You could even tape cutout pumpkins to the chairs or use place mats to stand on. In a circle place a pumpkin for each player. Remove one pumpkin. Start music. The players must walk around the circle until the music stops. When the music stops each player must stop on the closest pumpkin. The player that didn't get a pumpkin is out. Remove another pumpkin and play continues. Repeat until one player is left and declared the winner. 

Turkey Tag
Give each player three colored clothespins.  Pin the clothespins on their shirt in different places where they are easily grabbed and appropriate.  The object is to remove the other players pins without losing your pins.  The last person to still have a pin is the winner. Be careful not to ruin eachothers clothes, play at your own risk!

I like to use turkey erasers or candy corns as markers.  Cards I like:

Hot and Cold Turkey
HOT or COLD:  Have on player leave the room.  Hide the turkey (stuffed animal, picture, eraser, etc).  Have the player that left the room return.  That player must now try and find the turkey.  The rest of the group must say warm, warmer, hot, hot hot, on fire when the player walks close or cold, colder, freezing when the player walks further away from the turkey.

 Teepee Topple
Tape a piece of paper around twenty pencils, and get them to stand up like a teepee.  Each player takes turns pulling out a pencil.  The player that makes the teepee topple loses.

Hot Turkey
Similar to Hot Potato. Stand in a circle and PRETEND a stuffed turkey, rubber chicken or Turkey Balloon is hot. You must pass the Turkey or keep bouncing it in the air, because it is too hot to hold. The first person to drop it or hold it longer than 1 second is out. Play continues until one player is left and declared the winner.

Peas Porridge Hot
Place a jar on the floor. See how many Split Pea dry beans you can drop and make it in the jar. My mom used to play this with us all the time as a kid.
You could also use M&M's, Skittles, Pumpkin Seeds, Candy Corn or mini erasers.


Freeze Dance
Kids always love to freeze dance.  When the music is playing the kids dance.  When the music stops the kids must stop, if they don't they're out.  Play continues until there is one winner.

Feather Race
Set two feathers on the table, have two players race blowing the feathers down the table.  The first player to blow the feather off the opposite side of the table wins.  For added difficulty you can use a turkey baster to blow the feather.

Flying Feathers
Give each player a light flowy feather.  They must keep the feather in the air using only their breath.  The player that keeps the feather in the air the longest wins.

Pumpkin Chuckin'
Carnival Game.  Make a triangle tower out of toilet paper.  Toss mini fake pumpkins at it to try and knock it over.

Nerds and Squeezers
You can play this game two ways.  Compete using tweezers move your color of Nerds from one cup to another in a minute.  Or, you can play individually dumping both colors into a bowl and separating them into separate bowls using tweezers.
You could also use popcorn kernels or pumpkin seeds.

Take My Breath Away
Suck a M&M, Skittle, Reese's Pieces, candycorn with a straw and transfer it to another coffee filter or bowl within one minute.

Corn Digger
Place a bowl full of Candy Corn on one side of the room. Divide the group into two groups. Using only the spoon, race to transfer one piece of candy from the full bowl to the empty bowl.

 Take Out Candy Corns
Using chopsticks move candy corn or popcorn from take out containers (or a plate).

Put half the team on opposite sides of the room. Place a candy pumpkin, chocolate turkey, ping pong turkey, candy corn, etc. in the spoon. Each member must walk across the room one at a time and transfer it to the other player. The team wins who gets the last person across the room successfully. The hard part is if they drop it, they must start over.

 Corn Toss
Toss a candy corn and have a teammate catch them in a cup with one minute.

Corn Toss 2
Toss a candy corn or popcorn across the room into a bowl, see how many you can get within one minute.

Pilgrim, May I?
The Pilgrim stands at one end of the room.   The kids line up on the opposite side of the room.  The kids in order must ask "Pilgrim, may I_______?"  The Pilgrim either replies "Yes, you may." Or "No, You may not, but you may______."  The first person to reach to Pilgrim is the winner and t for the next round.  Fun Thanksgiving Requests: Fox Crawl; Ride a Pony; Swim like a Fish; Fly like a Turkey; Roll like a pumpkin; Stomp like a Buffalo, etc.

Sticky Dreamcatcher Web
All you need is a hula hoop (dreamcatcher) made from masking tape to catch flying cotton balls.  Hang sticky side out.
My Preschool class loved this game!

Don't Break My Pumpkin
The new game we found and tried for Valentine's Day from mrsschmelzer.blogspot.com . The kids liked it, but the large clothespins were too easy for older kids. So, we tried the smaller craft ones. This was more challenging to clip on and time things out right to let go. Then, we went ultimate and got out the mini clothespins.

You will need a large pumpkin cut out of tissue paper and a clothespin for each player.

The smaller the clothespin the more challenging the game.

Have players pass the pumpkin around from player to player only using clothespins NO HANDS! Play continues until the pumpkin is ripped in half.

Tic Tac Toe
I bought this cute set from Target for $1.00.  If you can’t find one it would be super easy to make your own.  You can either just play that or have it ready for fast finishers.


Ring Around the Rosie
Hold hands and walk in a circle chanting:
Ring around the Roses,
A pocket full of posies,
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down.

Then, everybody falls down.

Mad Libs
A fun game or activity for fast finishers, I've even got them out at the treat table to keep kiddos under control. Think about the audience and ask yourself if they will understand the joke or if it is to advanced for them when picking a mad lib. There are tons of printables out there. Or just order some online.

Adult Mad Libs

Turkey, Turkey, Fish
Similar to Duck, Duck, Goose. Have all players sit in a circle. The person who is it walks around the circle gently touches everyone's head in order calling them a turkey. Until they pick a player to be the fish. Then, they touch that picked players head and gently drop calling them a fish. That person must now standup and chase the player that was it, running like an fish, trying to catch them and tag them before they have ran around the circle. If the person who was it gets tagged before they reach the fish’s seat, they must be it again. However, if the player reached the fish’s seat, the fish is now it.  I always tell my kids to pick someone who hasn't had a turn yet, to ensure everyone gets turn.  

Turkey Pong
Draw a turkey or place a sticker of a turkey on a ping pongball.  Set up 12 glasses like you would for beer pong.  Except each glass is filled with either a yummy normal soda or other drink and some are filled with nasty flavoring.  Bounce the Turkey ping pong into the drinks, the one it lands in is the one you get.  So, it's a gamble on if you get a yummy drink or a gross one. Non-alcoholic for the kiddos.

22 Mini Pumpkin Games
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Feathers Card Game
Click Here for a fun card game using feathers on our blog.

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button
Have players sit in a circle with their hands out and their eyes closed.  The person who is it takes the button and goes around the circle putting their hands in everybody else's hands one by one. In one person's hands they drop the
 button quietly in their hand.  The person who is it continues to put their hands gently in the others' hands so that no one knows where the button in except for the person who is it and the person they dropped the button in their hands. After the person who is it makes it around the entire circle they say "Button, Button, who's got the Button?" Each child gets one guess.  They raise their hands to be called on.  If they are right they get to be it, and the game starts over.

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