Thursday, March 16, 2017

Christ After the Tomb Easter Activity

The girls have been asking a lot of questions about where Christ went after he was resurrected and left the tomb.  Each religion believes a little differently about what exactly took place, so we won't get into those details.  Check your Bible, ask your clergy, or Google it for more information on what your particular religion believes.

We like to move a Nativity around the house for Christmas, to remind us to keep Christ in CHRISTmas.  We thought to ourselves, why not do the same for Easter.  We could say that these are the places Christ visits after he has been resurrected and leaves the tomb. 

You could give a little lesson on the story of Christ's resurrection to start off the game.  Explain what really happened.  We like to watch the Passion of the Christ for the adults, and a cartoon version Animated stories from the New Testament He is Risen for the kids, to kick off our Easter season.  Each religion might have a slightly different take on what happened, but these videos give the basic idea.  They are a little easier to understand then, the wording in the scriptures.

This game is just for fun, so don't look too religiously into it.  It helps remind the kids about Christ's love and the meaning behind Easter.  Not just the Bunny, the eggs, and the baskets of goodies.  If the idea is against your beliefs, you can always do the Easter Bunny instead.

Christ Is Here, Christ Is There, Christ Is Everywhere

Move the Christ (use the Christ from your Nativity or the Joseph as Christ) around the house daily.  Where it will be easily found. Then, the person who finds the Christ will hide it in an everyday location, and so on.  This helps us remember the spirit of Christ, and that Christ is always there watching over us. 

Ask your kids:

 If Jesus was standing right next to you, would you do the things you do? 

My girls love to come up with the craziest places to put the Christ figurine.  Have fun and don't take it too seriously.

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