Friday, March 11, 2016

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Our kids are getting older, but still want to do Easter Egg Hunts.  
We have had to start getting creative.  

We did a hunt in the dark. We gave each child a small key-chain flashlight, that lit up only long enough to make the animal noise, then it shuts off.  It was actually really fun and challenging.  The kids loved it, but I can imagine more wilder kids running into each other and maybe getting hurt.

The next year, we hid the candy in the dark again.  I had the only flashlight in the center of the room.  We let the kids in.  I would spin around in different crazy patterns with the flashlight or put my hand on and off of it.  This just gave light on one spot of the room for a brief moment. Again, it worked for my kids, but they are pretty mild and I can imagine wilder kids running into each other or obstacles in the room, and possibly getting hurt.

The third creative year, we heard of people bending up a glow in the dark bracelets and putting them inside an Easter egg.  This was a real pain in the booty to pull off.  They didn't bend well and it didn't light up the whole egg like we thought it would. Not as exciting as even the previous mentioned hunts.

The fourth year. We needed eggs that really glowed. We thought we could use glow in the dark spray paint or duct tape. We  even wrote stuff with glow in the dark glue for the glue gun.  Just be careful not to burn or melt anything, including yourself.  We've also used glow in the dark puffy fabric paint to draw on the eggs, it comes in many different colors.  I've even seen glow in the dark wall paint.  For added fun, we thought we'd  spray paint or duct tape each child's Easter basket/bucket to glow in the dark. 

Glow in the dark Easter egg huntGlow in the dark Easter egg hunt

Upcycle your old floor in the dark Halloween bucket into an Easter bucket
You can use old Halloween buckets.  Simply remove the ghost with finger nail polish remover.

Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt
Glow in the Dark Hot Glue Sticks
Glow i the dark Easter egg hunt
Glow in the Dark Craft Paint
The fifth year a friend gave us the idea to use battery operated tea lights.
These worked great.

Add a little piece of candy on the other side of the egg.

Glow in the dark bracelets have many fun uses:

Glow in the dark bracelet

  You can put them inside balloons,
Make a ring toss game,
connect them into a ball,
make bracelets and necklaces,
make sculptures,
line a table,
mark the boundaries of the hunt,
put inside a treat bowl,
or string around Easter baskets.
Get your creative juices flowing, the possibilities are endless.

 So, we got creative with glow in the dark finds below.

The grand prizes!

Glow in the dark Easter egg huntGlow in the dark Easter egg hunt

Every kids favorite party finds

Glow in the dark Easter egg huntGlow in the dark Easter egg hunt

Stuff like this you could either put out the whole box,
 or open it and put a few in a clear sealed party bag.

Glow in the Dark Bendaroos

Glow in the dark perler beads
Glow in the Dark Perler Beads

Amazon has some really neat party favors these are just a few:
lights up fingers
Fun Glasses
Bouncy Balls

Finds from our local store:
 Again you could put out the package or split them up alone or in a clear egg.

Light up toys were fun to turn on and let them flash.
We had necklaces, balls, sunglasses, toy pacifiers, etc.

Glow in the dark nail polish was a favorite with the girls.
As were the light up bouncy balls.

The older kids loved the LED phone chargers.

Later, a friend mentioned Oriental Trading for glow in the dark items.  We saw lots of great stuff and they even had.  We'll keep them in mind for next year.  Check your local $1 store, party stores, the internet, and the toy section of even your local grocery store for glow in the dark finds.  I actually bought a bunch of stuff on clearance after Halloween for our hunt this year. 

 You can even buy clearance candy after Halloween or Valentine's day for your hunt.  Just try to only buy plain candy that doesn't have holiday pictures on it.  Most candy has a 2 year expiration date on it, so check the dates on the package.

Another fun idea is to make your real raw eggs glow in the dark, 
check out Youtube.*These eggs are not edible!

You can add a little glow in the dark paint to your regular cup of dye and this will help your decorated boiled eggs glow.

Have each family participating in the hunt contribute items.  
It's fun to see what everyone comes up with.

Don't forget to charge everything under a good bright or black light just before you hide them.  Start the hunt immediately after to insure all items are still glowing.

Take any safety precautions to prevent obstacles or injury during the hunt and have fun!

We'd love to hear about your hunt.