Monday, October 4, 2021

Ghost Face

My girls love any game that is messy.  
This game is perfect for a Halloween Party.

You will need :
Mini Marshmallows or Cheetos
*Goggles recommended for safety

Separate group into teams of two.  Have one person from each team sit in a row of chairs.  Then, put shaving cream on there face to make a beard or cover the entire face.  The other team mate must be about 5' -10' away facing them. Give them an equal amount of mini marshmallows or Cheetos.  They must throw the marshmallows/Cheetos at their teammates shaving cream beard trying to get them to stick.  The team who gets the most marshmallows/Cheetos to stick wins.

Her marshmallows are hard to see in the picture, but look close they are there.  We played this at our family Christmas party.  We called it Santa's Beard, It was a big hit.  Then again at our New Year's Eve party, we called it Father Time.

We also played this in the summer with Cheetos for a daddy daughter party.

If getting messy totally creeps you out, we have played it with shower caps on our heads as well.  We put the shaving cream on top of the shower caps.

Have Fun and don't be afraid to get a little messy!

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