Saturday, December 5, 2020

Kitty Litter Cake

This was the perfect cake for our "Crappy Party"  I have been wanting to make this cake for 5 years for Halloween.  I love to make something gross, creepy and scary to eat for Halloween Dinner.

You will need:
A new cleaned Kitty Litter Pan
A new cleaned Kitty Litter Scoop
One box yellow cake mix
One box Chocolate cake mix
2 boxes of 3.5 oz. yellow pudding
Yellow Oreo cookies or graham crackers

Bake the yellow cake in any sized pan.

Bake the chocolate cake in a sheet pan.

Cut the cooled chocolate cake to the size of the Kitty Litter pan.
Place it in to the Kitty Litter pan and fill in the rounded sides with some of the remaining pieces. 

Frost with one box of premade pudding,

Break up the yellow cake.  Break up the remaining chocolate cake and mix with the broken up yellow cake.  Mix in one box of premade pudding and a few drops of green food dye.

Break up on top of chocolate cake a pudding.

Crush the White Oreos or graham crackers and sprinkle on top of cake.

Sprinkle with Blue sprinkles.

 Slightly warm Tootsie Rolls in microwave.
Roll tootsie rolls with hands and shape into poop.

Arrange Tootsie Roll poop shapes on top of cake.

Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

Enjoy creeping people out, it tasted delicious!

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