Friday, November 15, 2019

Teenager Party Games

I'm always getting asked what games do I use for teenagers.  Games for teenagers is always a challenge, especially if there are younger kids at the party as well.  Here's a list of my Teenager's approved games.  Just click on the titles and it will take you to the game on our blog.  My teenager's love these games,  so we hope you find what you're looking for. Click the title to be redirected within our blog or to an Amazon link.

Hershey Kiss Game on our blog.

Candy Bar Party Game on our blog.

Root Beer Pong Party Game with a Twist on our blog.

Shaving Cream Fight on our blog

Mouth Guard Karaoke
Sing Karaoke while wearing mouth retractors. Watching some one sing a song like "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake with a mouth guard/retractor while the are drooling and slurring is hilarious. It's fun for Christmas caroling too.

Extreme Spoons
Instead of placing the spoons in the middle of the table,  put them all over the room in challenging places.  You have to run and get them. Careful on where you put them,  things will be broken and fought over.

Poop The Potato on our blog.
Really the possibilities are endless on replacing the Potato with a different object. 

Pudding Eating Contest on our blog.

Pudding Pictionary on our blog.

Candy Tape Ball Game on our blog.

Beanboozled Amazon link

Pringle Ringle on our blog.

Divergent Party on our blog.
Divergent game

Swamp Fishing on our blog.

Beard Game on our blog.
(fun for Bachelor Party, Baby Shower, Father's Day, Christmas, New Year's Eve)

Flour Game

Nerf War on our blog.
nerf party

You roll to catch a flying turd.  It was so much fun!

Cookie Face

Give each player an Oreo cookie.  Have players sit in chairs. Place the cookie in the center of players foreheads.  Using only your face muscles-no hands, move the cookie into your mouth and eat the cookie. If the cookie falls off, you must place it back in the center of your forehead and start over. First player to finish eating the cookie is the winner.

Sticky Tongue

Give each player a Fruit by the Foot.  Unroll the Fruit by the Foots. Hang them from each player’s mouth. Put your hands behind your back. Race to see who can eat the Fruit by the Foot first using only your mouth- no hands. If it breaks off and falls you are out! First person the eat the entire Fruit by the Foot is the winner.

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