Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Halloween Babies

 Aren't they Adorable, especially when you push they're tummy and they cry.

Halloween DIY

We wanted to make some scary dolls for Halloween.  We searched Pinterest for some fun ideas.  We found some fun ideas and the inspiration for our doll here.  She has a ton of really creepy and awesome Halloween DIY ideas, definitely check out her blog.

We went to our local thrift shop and found two dolls with the same head and arms/legs.  The bodies were different, because one of the dolls cries.  We thought they would be perfect together.

We cleaned them up good so the paint would stick.
 then we painted the parts we were keeping all black. 

We went with a glossy black acrylic paint.

We painted the eyes black both open and shut.

We applied a few coats, drying between each coat.  Once your babies have dried, decide what colors you want on top.  We chose silver and white. 

Instead of mixing the colors together, we dabbed the sponge brush a little in each color. Then, lightly dragged it across the doll leaving brushes streak marks.

We did this to all the black parts.

Then we mixed tan with a little black and white, with water.  We got the sponge really wet and did a wash over the doll, making the white look really dirty.

Once we thought the doll looked grubby enough, we cut off the extra two legs and arms.  We cut the body making sure that they were the same size on both dolls, for easier sewing.  We just quickly sewed them together with a blind stitch.


We looked at our dolls and thought it needed more drastic silver and white streaks, so we added more with less black.  Leaving the eyes only black. 

We then took brown embroidery thread and made big "X" stitches to give it the Frankenstein look.  We decided we wanted her shiny, so we sprayed her with a clear gloss spray paint.

Frankenstien Baby
creepy doll

Hope this sparks your creative juices for an awesome Halloween Prop!