Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father's Day Photoshoot and Gift Basket
We Love Daddy
This is a throwback to a Father's Day long ago.  
We decided to have a photo-shoot and 
make a gift-basket for Father's Day.  
The girls picked out matching outfits and we went to work.    
We framed the above picture and made a mini photo album/book with the rest.  

We used washable markers to draw on the girls feet and arms.
For the most part it did wash off, but there was slight staining of the feet.
The fake tattoos were inspired by all the Mom Tattoos out there.
We <3 Dad Fake tattoo

Dad tattoo

The girls drew block letters on a full size poster board.  We then used an exact-o knife 
and cut the letters out.  The girls held the sign.  We moved until we found the 
best angle from the sun and took the picture.

Father's Day
Shadow Love

We each wrote down everything and every product we could think of that had something to do with dads, fathers, pas, and pops.  We picked our favorites and headed to the store to buy them.  The kids posed with the different products and we made a gift basket with the matching picture attached to the product. These are the products and pictures we were able to find for the gift basket.  We even edited cute saying onto the actual pictures with fun quotes.

dad pictures
My POPS kind of "Corny"

Daddy's Sugar Babies
Our Dad's Soda Great!
Daddy's Nerds (cause they are so smart)
Our Pop Rocks
Best Paw Hands Down in Sandbox
 We even had the dogs put their paw print in it.  We filled in the words and hand prints with lighter sand an gravel, but didn't get those pictures.

dad pictures
Best Paw in Garden
The girls had a blast taking pictures and making the gift basket.  
Daddy Loved It!

Hope these photos spark your creativity, we'd love to see what you come up with.

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