Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Halloween Leg Stumps

We love Halloween at our house.  We definitely go all out with the decorations.  We are cheap though, so we try to make cheap decorations into something neat and scary.

We picked up a severed leg/foot stump prop from our local dollar store.  We've had these feet for years.  We try to change things up every year with out spending too much money.  Some years we've had them on a plate for a Halloween Meal, or outside with other body parts in a wheel barrel.  
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This year we thought it would be funny to put my daughters cupcake socks on them and put them in old shoes.  Debated over these shoes, high heels, or combat boots.  We then placed them in front of the bench where the kids put their shoes on.

Leg Stumps

Such a simple and easy decoration that packs a big punch.
Hope this sparks some creative juices flowing for great Halloween Decorations.

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