Monday, September 26, 2016

DIY Halloween Dolls

Gothic Dolls

We love making all kinds of Crafts for Halloween.  You can just get creative and it doesn't have to be perfect to be scary and awesome!

Mom had made a two headed doll last Halloween and the girls wanted to get creative and make a Halloween doll too.

Creepy Doll

We went to our local thrift store and bought some dolls anywhere from $1-$3 a piece.  You can use your own doll, but the kids didn't want to destroy their childhood doll.  So, make sure your kids are OK with it, before raiding their toy chest.

Gothic dolls

It's better to come up with an idea before you get started.
We just used regular craft acrylic paint, Mod Podge, and cotton balls.

This doll gave an Frankenstein Vibe, so that's what he became.

I started with a base coat of a light green. 
The second coat was black in the creases and seams only.
The third and fourth coat were a mix of different shades of green and a touch of black, swirled together, but not completely mixed.

Let the doll dry completely between coats or it will become tacky.

I was careful to just brush over the black, so it would highlight the creases.
Instead of making clothes, I decided to just paint it into a black onsie.

After it dried, I covered it in a protective layer of Mod Podge.

I added staples for the Frankenstein stitches.

I found the hand stapler worked better than the air compressor.
The air compressor made the paint chip away, where the hand stapler did not.

I screwed in two bolts right into the neck.

Touched up the spots the paint chipped away and sealed the impact point around the staple with Mod Podge.

My Second oldest wanted a doll with hair and a dress.

She painted the lips and around them blood red.
Over which she Mod Podged cotton.

 She then mixed a light blue and gray for a death look.

She slit the leg and made a wound with Mod Podge and cotton, the same as above.
She turned out really creepy.

My youngest daughter had to have this baby.

She painted it blue and then covered it in blood red.

She liked her sisters wounds, so she added one over the doll's eye with the Mod Podge and cotton ball.

Even though this was the simplest design, it is truly creepy in person.
We've spent lots of time having fun coming up with different stories why it looks like that.

My oldest daughter is obsessed with the band 21 Pilots.
She decided to make a doll influenced by them and chose a skeleton.

I think she changed her method a few times.
In the end the doll was painted black with bones on top.

She hung it to paint the clothes easier.

Then, with her crazy art skill, freehanded the skeleton.

She spent the most amount of time on her doll, but the details are perfect down to little toe bones.

They did and awesome job on their dolls, but most of all we had a blast making them.

I recommend to seal the paint on your doll, with either Mod Podge or a spray sealant.

Get your creative juices flowing, the possibilities with a Halloween Theme are endless.

We'd love to hear how your dolls turned out leave a comment.

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