Monday, December 14, 2015

Gingerbread House Demolition

We had so much fun making our gingerbread village together as a family, but we had even more fun demolishing it after Christmas.  This is definitely our new family tradition. 

We set up  all our houses on a large driveway. 
Clear away anything the kids might break, with flying pieces.

*Take all safety precautions needed for the specific people in your group. 
Adult supervision is highly recommended.
You might consider the use of special clothing, steal toe shoes and/or safety glasses.

We used a soft rubber mallet. 
*A metal hammer or mallet might chip away at the concrete if you miss or hit too hard.

gingerbread house

Victory is ours!
The kids absolutely loved this activity.  There was a huge mess to clean up.

Have Fun, but take safety precautions!

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