Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Our Elf Billy Bob Joe

Christmas morning elf.

We picked up our cute elf at the local craft store. 
He was an ornament on sale for 60% off, making him $1.89
We left the string to hang him attached and have used it quite often, and he even came bendable.

Our kids are older and we all take turns posing our elf to see who can be the most creative.

How did that happen? Someone woke up looking like Rudolph.

How many elves does it take to change a light bulb?

I'm becoming more of a cat person everyday!

Can I do it again?

Giddy up!

Hiding out with the main man

An Elf can never have too many shoes

Got Cocoa?

I think I got bit by something

Take time to stop and smell the roses.  
(they are rose pens)

Even elves need to relax after a long day in the toy factory!

Just a Swingin'

Someone had a birthday-what isn't shown in the picture is the giant birthday sign above the elf.

Laundry Day!

I could use a little privacy

Good and firm and ready for some baking!

I wish I could grow my beard and hunt ducks!

Rock N Roll baby

Drive in Movie

That's the real you!

Just a Swingin'

Up, Up, and away!

Have fun with it.

If you liked this post, we've gotten a lot older in age and our Elf has really upped his game: