Monday, February 8, 2016

Pi Day-March 14


Pi Day is celebrated March 14.  

The older my daughters get, the more they have declared themselves Nerds.  No self respecting Nerd could let Pi Day come and go without indulging in it.  It became apparent to me that Pi Day was a big deal to my girls, when they kept talking about it over and over again.  Like another holiday May the fourth. 

So, I thought I'd be a good fun Mom and embrace this new unusual holiday.While, I think it would be super fun to teach the girls to make pies from scratch , I was strapped for time.  I decided to take  a trip to the store for a lazy Mom's Pi Day.  I thought personal pot pies for dinner, and a pie for dessert is just what we needed.  I grabbed the brand that was on sale, but any will do.  

I surprised the girls with our simple Pi Day celebration, and they were ecstatic.  
Mom win!

 Learn more about the meaning of Pi Day.

I think this year we might have a pie eating contest!

Sometimes it's the little stupid things we embrace that make the best memories, and put the biggest smiles on your kiddos faces.

So add this crazy new holiday to your family calendar and embrace the Pi.