Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Pearl Party at Home

One day my middle daughter and I sat and watched a pearl party on Facebook for over an hour.  It was just one of those things when you are procrastinating that draws your attention.  We thought it looked like fun, but we were shocked the prices the customers were paying to have someone else open an oyster for them.  They were upwards of $20 or more per pearl, and bonus if you bought 5 you got a "free" necklace.  We had no idea this was a thing, but there are several people making a ton of money hosting these pearl parties online. 

We decided to look into how much it would cost us to do at home.  We decided to see what kind of stuff amazon had.  Much to our surprise everything was actually really cheap.

Amazon had tons of different options for oysters with pearls inside, at all different price points.

We decided on the colorful 30 pack that guaranteed a pearl in each oyster.  There were 3 sizes of oysters, but all the pearls were around the same size approx. 7mm. Click here for link

We don't normally eat oysters, so we decided to buy some oyster shuckers.

There were tons to choose from, but we opted for this set. It came with four shuckers, four spoons to retrieve the pearls, and a set of gloves to protect your hand from cuts. Click here for link

Both sizes worked equally good.

We thought it would be fun to go all out and get the pearl necklaces to complete the party.  We opted for this set, because it came with multiple designs and non were childish.  Two of the charms (the shell and rose), only fit the smallest pearl.  So, you might be two short if you only get larger pearls.  The charms included small colored lava rock stones used to diffuse essential oils. Click here

We wanted some nice chains to go with the charms.  We opted on these snake like plated silver chains.  They looked fancier than the regular chains for about the same cost, and had good reviews.  So far, we haven't had any issues.  Click here for link

My daughter loved the groups that put the pearls in white sand in a martini glass.
We got this white craft sand, and martini glass at the Dollar Tree.
Here is a Amazon link to similar products.

My girls were freaked out to touch the oysters and whatever preserving fluid they had on them.
We got these medical gloves at Sam's Club, but here's a link to similar ones on Amazon.

Each color pearl has a different meaning.  
We found an awesome site that contained most of the colors meanings.
Dang it, I can't find the site we used, sorry.  There are tons of websites to choose from, just Google pearl color meanings.
We looked up each pearl color meaning, as we opened each oyster.  
This made the party last longer, and a little more fun.

The girls were giggling and teasing over the different pearl color meanings.  They said it reminded them of a fortune cookie or a mood ring.

They acted out being a Pearl Party host, it was hilarious. 

None of the pearls were the same color.
It's hard to tell from the picture.

We did the party at the beginning of the Covid 19 social distancing, so we are not looking our best, lol.

Here are all our pearls. 
We each got to open six oysters. 

We cleaned our pearls in cups of water with a drop of Dawn dish soap.

The girls were fighting over which charms they wanted.  
Here's a link to the one charm everyone wanted the most.
I separated the charms into equal groups containing a highly desired one, and less desired one. 
 Only four of us wanted the charms, so we each got three.
I put them into cups and made the girls pick a color from across the room.  They got to keep the charms in the colored cup they chose.

The charms open up to fit the pearl inside.

The finished product. 
 How fun to be able to change out the pearls to match your outfit.

We had a blast at our pearl party!
Let us know how your Pearl Party went.

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