Monday, November 28, 2016

Neighborhood Outdoor Christmas Games

Who didn't grow up playing outside games with the whole family or neighborhood?  It's my kids favorite thing to do in the summer, so why not in the winter?
(Dress Appropriately for the weather)

Snowball Tag

You will need either a white loufa, large pompom, yarn pompomyarn ball or lightly packed snowball.  The person who is it must throw the loufa.  If they it hit someone that person is now it. They must pick up the loufa and chase and throw the loufa and hit next person.  

Snowball Freeze Tag

You will need either a white loufa, large pompom, yarn pompom, yarn ball or lightly packed snowball.  The person who is it must chase and hit players with the loufa.  When each player is hit they must freeze and hold the positon they were in when they got hit.  They must hold that position until all players have been hit and froze.  The last person to get hit gets to be it.

Toy Soldiers
This game is like hide and go seek, but backwards.  The person who is it hides.  The rest of the group counts to 60, and then splits up in search for the person hiding.  As each player finds the person hiding, they must then hide with the person.  It gets pretty tight, so eventually if you have enough players you will be lined up like toy soldiers.  The first person to find the person hiding is it the next round.

Candy Cane Races
Give each team of two, two candy canes.  Each player must hold one candy cane.  The players must link candy canes and race to the finish line.  If the candy canes become unlinked or break they must start over.  The first team to successfully make it across the finish line with their candy canes still linked is the winner.

Reindeer Games
Remember playing wheel barrel as a kid.  Where one person walks on their hands and their teammate holds their feet.  Instead of a wheel barrel you are a reindeer.  Race to the finish line.  If there is snow wear warm gloves to keep your hands from freezing.

Animal Tracks
Have one person with big feet make tracks (footsteps) in the snow from the start to finish line.  Each team member must race only stepping in the original tracks

Christmas Music Freeze Dance
Play Christmas music and have the children dance.  When the music stops the kids must freeze.  The last person to freeze is out.  Play music again and repeat until you have a winner.

Christmas Carol Frozen Sing Along
Have the group sing along to a Christmas song.  Turn the music off and whoever stops singing last is out.

Candy Cane Hunt
Hide a box worth of candy canes for every two players.  Have the players hunt for candy canes like you would an Easter Egg hunt.  You could even have a giant candy cane for the grand prize.
* I like to buy plastic candy canes if playing in a large group, otherwise real ones break easily and everyone wants to eat them.

Rudolph (Red Rover)
Rudolph, Rudolph send ______ right over.

Pin the Carrot on the Snowman
Build a real snow man.  Blind fold the kids  and spin them in front of the snowman. They might trip/slip and get hurt walking through the snow.  Have them try to put the carrot in the right place.

Snow Ball Fight
If you live in a warm climate, have a marshmallow fight outside.  The rain or sprinklers will eventually dissolve all the marshmallows.  Take precautions if you have pets or wild animals to clean up the marshmallows, so they don't eat them and get sick.
You could also use a marshmallow gun, slingshot or shooter.

Shaving Cream Fight
If it's warm where you live, a shaving cream fight looks just like snow, but it way more fun.

Ice Blocking
If it's warm where you live and you still want to go sledding try Ice Blocking.  It's just as much fun and super easy.
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