Friday, December 20, 2019

Personalized Dollar Store Gifts

For only a dollar each,  these make super cute gifts.

Pick out a cute stuffed animal moose from the Dollar Tree.

I measured the antlers and cut the year and names out of siser easyweed HTV,  on my Silhouette Cameo.   The best part is the cuts are so small, I used old scraps.

You can use a heat press or iron, but for this project my hair straightener is perfect.

You don't want it too hot,  I set it for about 315.  You want to use lots of pressure and don't hold it to long in one spot or the HTV will melt too much and the brown will start to show in the white. 

Place the HTV centered on the antler. 

Make sure to always have either the HTV backing,  parchment paper or teflon sheet between the HTV and straightener, etc.
Otherwise,  the HTV will  stick to the straightener. 

I think they really turned out really cute!

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