Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer flip flops

Every summer we get a new pair of flip flops and decorate them.
You can pick up a cheap pair for a dollar almost anywhere.

These ones were super fun and easy to make. 
They are by far my favorite  flip flops that I have decorated.

I bought a set of matching ribbon.
I loved it, because it came with ten different matching ribbons.
I only caution the silky ribbon might come untied.

I cut the ribbon about 3" and started at the toe and tied the ribbon on one side.
I then tied the ribbon in the same order on the other side.

For and easier project for younger kids:
Just wrap one ribbon continuously around the flip flop either hot glue or tie the ends

My frilly camouflage flip flops are very soft and comfortable.
Check out the yarn section of your local craft store for ideas.

For these flip flops I cut the fringe (We used Bernat Boa Yarn (amazon link)) about 3" and tied it around the flip flop. Pushing them together as I went.

These ones are made by wrapping the fringe around the flip flop and tying it off.
This method it a lot easier and still super cute!
The girls Grandmother made these.

We made these super fun water balloon flips flops at a mother and daughter party at our local church.

They turned out super cute.
One package of Water Balloons (amazon link) 100 per pair will do.
Add or minus water balloons depending on how far down the sides you want them to go.

Fake fur yarn, regular yarn, cut fabric, cut denim, leather strips, tulle or feathered boa might also make cute flip flops.

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We'd love to hear how you flip flops turned out!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fun Summer Hair

The girl's schools are pretty strict about hair styles.
So, In the summer we like to do something fun.

One year we all put about 6 purple streaks in our hair.
This summer they wanted to do the tips pink or red.

My youngest just wanted the bottom layer pink,
so it would be cute when her hair moved.

We pinned up the parts of her hair she didn't want colored.

Earlier, we took a trip to our local beauty supply store, and picked up some color.

This product provided the bleaching and coloring all in one.
This is the first time we've used it.

Always follow the directions and take safety precautions.

Wear gloves, do the color strip test, do not get on skin, etc.

We just used a towel that we didn't care about instead of foil, since we were just doing tips.
Take all precautions to prevent staining, because it will.

Make sure to get the strands fully coated.
Time it according to the included directions.

They both love how it turned out!

She had an A-line, she wants to grow out and cut straight across.   
We made the color where she wants to cut it off.

A trip to the swimming pool will lighten it much faster.

Have fun, and let your kids express themselves a bit!

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Feeding the Ducks

My kids still love to go and feed the ducks.

We have gone to the same pond/creek since they were babies.
This is a free or super cheap activity. 
You can bring duck safe leftovers or you can buy duck safe food.


The best option is picking up duck pellets at your local farm/feed store.
They also do great on raw unsalted seeds, grains, peas, and corn.

We like to pick up a bag of cat food at the local dollar store.
It's only a dollar, so super cheap. 
This bag was the perfect amount for the family. 
When we decided we were done, there was a tiny bit left.
Cat food has a lot of the nutrients for ducks, not found in bread.

The size of cat food is easy for the ducks to eat.

The pond area was full of seagulls.
It's not a good idea to feed the seagulls,
because they poke out the eyes of baby ducks!

I love this ducks afro!

We decided to leave the pond and walk the trail to find the ducks.

This juvenile duck wasn't afraid to eat straight from our hands.
(Yes, we washed our hands before and after.)

To feed from your hands keep them flat and hold still.
*Beware, the duck might bite you! Or be sick!
**Do not pet or pick up wild animals. For your safety and the animals.

Found some juvenile geese.

Then, JACKPOT!  Baby Ducks!

They were so cute!

When feeding babies, be very respectful of their space and the mother duck.
*Do Not pet them or pick them up!
*For ducks still with their mother, don't feed from your hand.
They went swimming and we threw the cat food upstream so it would float to the baby ducks.
This kept them from swimming away.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Doodling at School in the 80's

Crazy Comix

If you went to elementary school in the 80's, you most likely had this set. 
All the cool kids had them or you could buy them from them for $.50.
I remember scrounging up 2 quarters, so I could buy these.
We would get in trouble for doing them during class.
I so just dated myself!

I have been looking for these forever for my kids to mess around with.  My set was trashed. Last year, I finally found them here Crazy Cartoons. Sorry guys looks like its recently been taken down, here's a link to something similar from Classroom Doodles. I noticed there is a cleaned up family picture, where I think, used to be a lady in a bikini with big breasts.

From a comment listed on that page, it's now an app Crazy Comix App.

There are 8 steps, and each step is numbered:

First, you select your hair or hat.


You trace it on your blank page.
If you can't see it you can trace it on the window or a light box.

Second, you select the face shape.

crazy comix

Third, you select the ears

crazy comix

 Fourth, you select the eyes.

Fifth, you select the nose.

crazy comix

Sixth, you select facial hair, if desired.

Crazy Comix

Seventh, you select the mouth.

Crazy Comix

And Eighth, you select the body.

Crazy Comix

And your cartoon character is complete.

The possibilities are endless.

This is great for a rainy day activity, road trip, or I used them as an art class fast finisher.

Have fun and I hope this brings you back to the 80's, it did me.

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