Sunday, December 19, 2021

Ultimate Spoons

My kids favorite quick card game is Spoons.  They love it!  So here is a quick explanation:
  • Count the number of players
  • Place one less spoon in center of circle then there are number of players
  • Shuffle the deck of cards
  • Deal out four cards to each player
  • The Dealer places the deck of cards to his right
  • The Dealer then takes the top card, places it in his hand, then chooses a card to discard.  The object is to get four of a kind first.
  • The Dealer discards a card quickly to the player on the left.
  • The Dealers discard pile becomes the player to his/her lefts deck to draw from.
  • Then the player on the left repeats to the player on his left, and so on until all the player now have a discard pile and a draw pile. 
  • Play continues until a player has four of a kind
  • At this time the player grabs on of the spoons
  • Once one player grabs a spoon all players quickly grab a spoon, one player will not get one and is out for the next round.
  • For the next round remove one spoon and repeat the above steps until only one player remains.
Ultimate Spoons
Like Spoons above, except instead of placing the spoons in the middle of the table, you put the spoons in a challenging place. Sometimes we just throw them and not look where they land. You might place them on the other side of the room, in a different room completely, in the snow, bottom of a pool, etc.  Take all safety precautions in your spoon placement and remove all obstacles.  Some rough housing could cause injury. You have to run and get them, things could be broken and fought over. People might be jumping over couches,  etc. Super fun, but crazy at the same time! Play at your own risk!

For added fun instead of spoons, make it a prize that gets nicer with each round.

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Mouth Guard Karaoke
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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Mouthguard Christmas Caroling

If your family is like mine, none of us can sing. 
Nope not even a little bit! 

It's pretty sad really because we love to sing, and we love karaoke.  

We were trying to think of a funny activity for a holiday family night.  I thought about karaoke, but with Christmas carols.  The kids were not excited to sing Christmas carols, because again no one can carry the slightest tune.  Then, it hit me Mouth Guard Christmas Carol Karaoke.

A few years ago we got some mouth guards on Amazon to make our own mouth guard game, because we wanted to play so bad and everywhere was sold out.  We have since bought a few games, but were happy we bought our own mouth guards so we would have enough for a big crowd.  The last thing you want to do is have to clean mouth guards during game play.

Amazon Links:
Speak Out Game

  When I tell you this was the funniest thing we have done ever I'm not lying.  We then added some other funny karaoke songs and just had a super fun family night to remember. Unfortunately, the camera lens must have been dirty or something, because the pictures suck as much as our singing.  They all came out blurry.  I tried to clean them up a bit, it worked for some and not so much for others.  But you get the basic idea, the videos however were priceless!
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