Sunday, June 10, 2018

Pudding Eating Contest with a Twist

We were planning on playing Pudding Pictionay
for family night, and wanted to finish with a big bang. 

I was searching Pinterest for some ideas and came across this post, that was perfect.  It's a pudding eating contest with nylons over the contestants heads. Crazy right!  They also had a some other great ideas, check out the site

Nylon Pudding Eating Contest:
you need a cheap pair of knee high nylons
a pudding packet for each person flavor doesn't matter.

Open the pudding cup, leaving the pudding in the cup.  Pull the Nylons over your heads.  Take some before and after pictures, because it's so funny.  I promised I wouldn't post the after pictures, sorry!  They were pretty hilarious! (maybe embarrassing)

I thought I was going to get a lot of "I'm not doing that" but even my husband was eager to play.  It was so much fun, we had a great laugh afterwards.

Place one pudding cup in front of each person, and call go.  Each person must eat the pudding from the cup, through the nylons.  We crushed the cups with our faces, making it easier to get the pudding during the contest.  Try not to laugh to hard. 

***Caution, I was laughing so hard I almost choked on the pudding.  The pudding sticks to the nylon, and when I was laughing it went up my nose a little.  After playing I could see how you might inhale the pudding.  I would only play with people capable of not aspirating on the pudding, and taking all safety precautions.  I am not sure if the nylons were food safe or not, so if that concerns you look into it.

So sad, the video didn't record well!
Have fun and be safe!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pudding Pictionary

We are always looking for fun games to play.  My kids have played this at school and church, so we decided to play it for family night.  It was so easy with very little preparation.  I used a four pack of  chocolate pudding packs.  I dumped out two on each side of the table.  You smooth it out with a spatula and use your fingers to draw.  We grabbed our Pictionary game down from the game closet.

We split into two teams.
The drawer picks three cards from the pile.  From these cards they picked one to draw.  We drew three so that there would be one that would be easy enough to draw in pudding.  We have an older version and some are really hard.
keep drawing an see how many you can get your team to guess before the timer goes out.  If your team did not guess the last card, the other team can guess and earn the points.  We played to ten.

It was a blast.  It's fun to get your hands a little dirty, show your kids your not too old to be silly.

After the game we had a pudding eating contest in a very unusual way, it was too funny.  Click here for more details.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Easter is on April Fool's Day

Bean Boozled
 This Bean Boozled Game (Bean boozled game box version) game is perfect for Easter this year, since it's on April Fools Day. You can either play the game or just put the jelly beans in the Easter eggs hunt and not tell anybody. My Dad is dumping the box in a bowl to leave on his desk at work. Have fun with it!

Bean Boozled

Bean Boozled

Bean Boozled

Bean Boozled
 The box contains Jelly Beans.  There are two flavors for every color.  One flavor is delicious, and the other is nasty.  It's a game of chance.  We had a blast playing it.  The kids were brave.  I would recommend having a bowl nearby, just in case you can't handle the flavor.  Nobody threw-up, but a few times they gagged a little.


We had so much fun playing this game, and laughing out loud at each other.  Might not be for everyone and check for allergies.  Let your inner child come out and take a chance with this fun party game.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

10 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Our kids are getting older and harder keep entertained for the holidays.  A boring old fashion Easter egg just doesn't keep their interest anymore.  We love to be creative and come up with our own twist on holiday traditions.  So here's what we came up with.

We decided to have a glow in the dark egg hunt.  We thought we could use glow in the dark spray paint or duct tape. We  even wrote stuff with glow in the dark glue for the glue gun.  Just be careful not to burn or melt anything, including yourself.  We've also used glow in the dark puffy fabric paint to draw on the eggs, it comes in many different colors.  I've even seen glow in the dark wall paint.  For added fun, we thought we'd  spray paint or duct tape each child's Easter basket/bucket to glow in the dark. Click here for a more detailed earlier post on our blog and tons of ideas for different glowing items.  The kids absolutely loved it!

The kids get so much candy and sweets over the holidays, it's nice to shake things up a bit.  We did charm bracelet charms, puzzle pieces, Lego Pieces, Perler beads, etc.  Click here for a detailed earlier post on our blog.
Easter Egg Hunt

3.Give each child a colored pail and they are only allowed to collect the eggs that are their color.  Great way to keep it equal for different age groups.

4.Easter hunt using balloons instead of eggs filled with goodies, must pop the balloons to get the goodies. *NOT recommended on grass, it might pop the balloons.

5. Jokes on You!  For older kids, fill some of the eggs with really good stuff (candy, toys or prizes) and some with gross stuff (ex. slime, vegetables or gross jelly beans).

6.  Inside each egg leave a word to a sentence or sentence of a paragraph of a huge prize.  It might be that you are taking a family trip, going to a concert, getting season passes,  or buying a swimming pool type thing.  They finders find all the pieces and unscramble the message for the big surprise.

7. Put tokens inside each egg for prizes they can buy with their tokens.  For instance a squirt gun might be worth 5 tokens or eggs.

8. Let the kids hide the eggs and the adults find them.  Kids love to feel sneaky.

9. Send them on a scavenger hunt.
Click here for a fun simple one from Mom on the side.

10.  Put funny physical things they must do inside each eggs.  For example hop like a bunny or roll like an egg.
Click here for some cutouts from Teach123.

Included because not everyone knows what they are:

A traditional Easter egg hunt is for decorated hard boiled Easter eggs in a park or backyard.

A modern Easter egg hunt is for plastic eggs filled with candy in a park or backyard.  There is usually a large or golden egg with a special prize for the lucky finder.

Hope this has inspired your creative juices, for added fun mix a few hunt into one.

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