Friday, March 3, 2017

How to Blow Out Easter Eggs

My husband's family is from the former Czechoslovakia.  Making Ukrainian Easter eggs was a family tradition of his growing up.  We decided this would be a fun thing to teach our girls how to do.  Our kids are really into art, so this is perfect for them.  We'll talk about how to make Ukrainian eggs in future blogpost.  Before you can make the beautiful eggs, most people like to blow out the egg from the outer shell.  It takes a little practice, but if a twelve year old can perfect it, so can you.

Pick out eggs from your local store or farm.

Chicken eggs work great, but once you've perfected your skills you might like to try goose or even Ostrich.  If you can't find them locally, you can order the online already blown out.

My girls get a little messy and I didn't want raw egg all over my kitchen, so we put down an old table cloth.

You will need:

a nail, pointy object, drill or a Dremel drill (to make the hole in the egg)
(we've used a thumb tuck, tip of a pointy compass, or the key to an inside door)

suction bulb (baby nose sucker), needleless medicine syringe egg blower, or just use your mouth (risk of salmonella)

optional: masking tape

First, you need to make a tiny hole in the top and bottom of the egg.

Some people find it easier to put a small piece of masking tape on the egg to help.  We really didn't find that any easier, but if your struggling it might help.

You take the pointy object and very gently twist and apply light pressure into the egg. 
Repeat this step for both the top and bottom of the egg.

Once holes are made on both the top and bottom of the eggs, you need to break up the yolk.

Take a long nail, or pointy object and poke, twist and gently scramble the yolk inside the egg.

The better you break it up and scramble it the easier it will be to blow out.

Now you ready blow out the insides of the egg.
You can even just put your mouth on the top of the egg and blow.  There is a risk of Salmonella, so I don't recommend this method. If that creeps you out use a straw, you just need to make a good seal.

If you've purchased the egg blower, you place the sharp point inside the top hole of the egg and gently squeeze out the insides of the egg.  The yolk will come out the bottom, so you'll want to place it over a bowl.  If you are having a really hard time, you might need to break up the yolk more or make you hole larger.

If your using a suction bulb, seal off the top hole of the egg and gently squeeze over a bowl.
The yolk will come out the bottom hole.

If you are using a medicine syringe, pull the syringe all the way open.  Seal the top hole of the egg with the tip of the syringe.  Gently and slowly push the syringe and the pressure will push out the egg yolk through the bottom hole

One of the videos below uses an air compressor, lol my hubby needs to try that.

Here are a few YouTube videos that are helpful, if your still confused:

Now, you'll want to clean the egg up with a mix a warm water.  Give them a good rinse.  Let them dry standing up, so the water will drain out the bottom.

You can make a egg drying station, by simply hammering nails into a piece of wood that will hold the egg in place or purchase an egg drier.

Wash Your Hands and Sanitize Your Work Area!

Once dry, your ready to decorate an Easter Eggs that will last year after year, until you break it.

Use Paint, Dye, Sharpie, or the Ukrainian method to decorate your egg.

We'd love to hear how your eggs turned out.

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