Monday, March 13, 2017

How to Decorate Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

My girls loved this method for decorating eggs when they were little.  The eggs turn out pretty good, but the kids love playing in the shaving cream the most.

It's a really easy way to decorate eggs.

You'll need an old pan, shaving cream, food coloring in multiple colors, toothpicks, gloves and hardboiled eggs.

Squirt out a good amount of shaving cream on the pan.

Put drops of food coloring all over the shaving cream.

Take a toothpick or butter-knife and run it through the shaving cream.
This will make swirls.

DON'T OVER MIX or the colors will mix together.

Gently drop the drop and roll it across the top,
trying not to overmix the colors.
If you roll the egg across, it will pick up the swirling patterns.
If you push it through it might mix the colors together.

Let them sit with the shaving g cream still on the egg for a few minutes for the dye to absorb. 
Then, wipe off with a towel

*If you don't wear gloves you might dye your hands.

This egg was rubbed off to soon and the colors mixed together.

This one was after a few minutes, see how much more intense the colors are.

Of course the kids really just wanted to play in the colored shaving cream.

I highly recommend an old tablecloth and old clothes,
you don't want too dye your table or clothes.

Hope you have fun, but watch out for a shaving cream fight to start.

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