Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stained Glass Christmas Gelatin

This has been a family favorite since before I was born.  
It is our "it's just not Christmas without" dish.

(Sorry for the bad quality pictures, while making this at my mother's house I thought I should put this in the blog, very last minute with no good camera.)

  You'll need to pick two of three flavors/colors if your favorite gelatin brand.
For three colors, one 3 oz box of each flavor/color of gelatin.
(you can change up the colors for different holidays)


For two colors one 3 oz box of your least favorite flavor/color and one 6 oz box of your favorite flavor/color gelatin.
We like a 6 oz. Strawberry flavor and a 3 oz. lime flavor

Make gelatin in separate dishes with slightly less water then the box directions call for
(ex. 1 3/4 cup of water for 3 oz box).

Chill in refrigerater for four hours.

When it's good and solid it's time to make the filler.

1 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup citrus juice (orange or lemon)
1 small box Jello (lemon, orange, or peach)
Stirring Constantly

Once it's boiled place in freezer or refrigerator, just until it begins to gel.

You'll need to make two packages of Dream Whip.
Follow directions on package.

When your Gelatin is good and solid, slice it into 1" squares with a butter knife.

Using a flat spatula scrape out the squares, being careful not to beak them up.

Pour the colors into a large 9X13 glass dish.

Beat together the boiled mixture and Dream Whip.

Pour over the  sliced gelatin cubes.  Stir until evenly mixed.

Refrigerate for four hours or until set.
This is a terrible picture, but the Gelatin looks like stained glass.

This is my all time favorite holiday dish.
  We hope you like it.

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