Monday, December 5, 2016

Pringles Santa

A fun neighbor gift or class craft. It would be fun to include the "Pringles Ringles" challenge directions with Santa. 

You'll need:
a small red pompom
cotton balls or batting for the beard and trim around the hat.
wire cutters to bend and cut the glasses

Find the Pringles Man's Face on the front of the can.
This will be where you want Santa's face.

Hot glue the red pompom on the Pringles Man's nose.
Next, Cut and glue on the red felt hat to the desired size and shape on the lid.
Glue the trim on the hat.
Glue the bell on the tip of the hat.

Finally, add the beard cotton.

Isn't he cute!
It would be fun to make a Mrs. Claus or change the color and make elves.

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