Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Keep Christ in CHRISTmas with a hidden Christ

A few years back I was teaching our church's 8-10 year old girl's activity group.  They all were so excited and talking about their elf.  I thought what a great opportunity for them to keep Christ in there home during this time of year.  

So, I found some nativity/Christ figurines
I gave each girl a figurine and talked about the meaning of Christmas.  
They were to share what they learned with their families and start a new tradition.

Christ Is Here, Christ Is There, Christ Is Everywhere
Move the Nativity around the house daily.  Where it will be easily found. Then, the person who finds the Christ will hide it in an everyday location, and so on.  This helps us remember the spirit of CHRISTmas, and that Christ is always there with us and watching over us.  

*You could choose to include he sees you if your naughty or nice like Santa.   If Jesus was standing right next to you, would you do the things you do?  He is always right next to you.  He sees if we’ve been bad or good.

The girls loved it!  
We still keep this tradition in our home after all these years.

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