Friday, December 16, 2016

Tissue Paper Wreath
My daughter first learned how to make this in her 5th grade class.  She had so much fun making it, and was excited to give it to us as a Christmas present.  It's super easy and the results are beautiful.  You could easily change the colors to match any holiday.

You will need:
a cheap wire hanger
three packs of tissue paper in the colors of your choosing
(you can substitute coffee filters for tissue paper)
a pair of scissors

First, bend the hanger into a circle shape.

Cut the tissue paper into 10-12" X 2-3" strips.

Roll the center of a strip of the tissue paper.

Twist the tissue paper strips around the wire hanger one at a time. 
Coordinate colors as desired.

Push each strip together tightly around the wire hanger.

When you wrapped tissue paper completely around the wire hanger, flush and primp.

You can either use wire cutters to cut off the top of the hanger or use it to hang your wreath by.

Turned out super cute and was so easy and cheap!
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