Friday, October 7, 2016

DIY Halloween Spell Book

We wanted to make some fun spell books to go along with our Halloween Decorations.

We found these great tutorials on Pinterest:

We wanted them realistic and 3D.

We started with painting the pages and sealing them shut with a mix of paint and Mod Podge.
We wanted them to have an old weathered color.
We mixed a light beige a hint of brown and black.

We just painted the pages shut.

We taped the book shut with masking tape, and dried it with a hair dryer.

My daughter wanted a spider web and spider on hers, so she drew a web.

She used hot glue to trace the web onto the book cover.
Making it a 3D web.

We bought some 3D Spider stickers.

She adhered the 3D spider sticker on the hot glued web.
Leaving room for a title plaque.

She wanted a thick leathery look to her book.
She tore pieces of paper towel and Mod Podged them to the book, completely covering her 3D design. 

She used a paint brush to push the pieces close to the 3D design to bring out the design.

She painted the entire cover black.

She highlighted the web with silver paint, just brushing the very top.

She painted the spider red, Mod Podged the title she printed on the computer, and Mod Podged the entire book to seal it and make it shine.

My other daughter chose a simpler design, but still wanted a spider.

She hot glued the spider sticker in place and a title plaque cut out of an old cereal box.

She wanted a strap to close the book.
She cut out a  strap from a cereal box and a

She cut out a plaque she printed on the computer. Cut it to size, by tracing the plaque she previously cut out of the cereal box.

She Mod Podged the entire front cover and placed a black napkin over it. 
She used a paint brush to push the napkin into the creases.

Repeated it around the spine and back cover.

She painted the plaque and strap.

Adhered the plaque title she printed off the computer.
Sealed the entire book with Mod Podge.

I cut out the design from an old cereal box.

Mod Podged it onto the cover.

Added 3D elements to the spine.

Covered the entire cover in Mod Podge.

Covered it in a black Napkin, painted applied the plaque and sealed it.

Have fun with your Spooky Creations!
We'd love to hear how they came out, leave us a comment.

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