Thursday, October 13, 2016

Halloween Yard Statues

We wanted to make some life size Monster Statues for Halloween.  We bought some costumes on clearance after Halloween last year for 75%-90% off.  Making them $5.00 or less each.

We used PVC pipe to make the bones, pool noodles to add body mass, and case lot card board boxes covered in plastic for the body.

We used an old plant holder to give the head shape. 
You can also use PVC pipe to make a form.

Cut the pipe to size of the costume.

We used safety pins to hold the costume in place.

Repeat steps for all your monsters.

We used dowels in the ground to keep them standing.
One in the pole and one outside the pole and zip tied them together.

We didn't want them to become projectiles in the wind.
If the wind is strong enough the possibly could break in half.
Take all safety precautions when installing your monsters.

For the scarecrow Scream costume, we made a cross out of PVC pipe to replicate a real scarecrow.

For this phantom costume, we wanted it flowy and ghost like.
We only made shoulders out of PVC pipe and stuffed the head.

 It blows in the wind like a sock kite.

We put some yard lights to light up the monsters.
You can see the cool shadows the project on a house.

We'd love to hear about how your monsters turned out, leave us a comment.

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