Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pumpkin Smashing

The kids are always sad when it comes time to throw out their wonderful pumpkin creations. 

We came up with a fun family activity to ease their sadness.

I don't know what they like better, carving the pumpkin or smashing it up.

We always carve our pumpkins the week of Halloween, so they are usually mold free and still firm when we smash them up.
*Do Not Smash Moldy or Rotten Pumpkins. 
You could get sick from the bacteria and mold growing on your pumpkin.

Take all safety precautions. 
Eye protection is suggested.
Adult Supervision.
And any other special needs for your surroundings and participating group.

We smash ours on the grass, so the kids don't chip the concrete.

We did have a seed or two sprout in the grass in the spring when we smashed painted Pumpkins.

Have fun, but be SAFE!
Smash Pumpkins at your own risk!
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