Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to Glue Eyes on a Halloween Mask

The number one question everyone keeps asking me when they see my Halloween decorations,  is how I got the ping pong eyeballs to glue to the Halloween masks.

People have tried duct tape, hot glue, rubber cement, and super glue.  One person said they even tried gum.

Loctite Vinyl, Fabric, & Plastic is the only thing I've gotten to work.
Don't even bother with the other stuff.

These masks are suppose to look like severed  heads  on a spike  

My girls keep saying I need to add eyeballs to them.

Make sure your mask is good and clean.
Wait for it to completely dry.

  Put the eye inside your mask to get a good idea where it will fit, and where to put the glue.

I got these ping pong balls at my local dollar store, but I've seen them on Amazon if you can't find them anywhere.

Put the glue directly on the eyeball where it will adhere to the mask.  Be careful the glue will take the paint off if you rub it. Follow all safety precautions on the label.

Blow on it just a little to help dry it.
Then, set the eye in place and hold it at least a minute, maybe longer.

I think it kind of looks awesome with only one eye

I got out voted, and repeated the steps for the other side.
Pretty creepy if I do say so myself.

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